Release Notes 2011-11-16

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From the Release Notes:
Arsenal Stations

Many levels within the Clockworks now feature 'Arsenal Stations' that allow you to change your gear or loadouts before facing the challenges of a level. So long as you have a wide variety of equipment, a difficult stratum with varying themes will be no match for your arsenal!

There are also one-way barriers positioned after each Arsenal Station. Choose your equipment wisely and use loadouts to save time!

Energy Blasts

Energy reviving now comes coupled with an energy blast that knocks back and damages monsters. There are four levels of power that are unlocked as more energy is used for the revive.

30 Day Elevator Pass

We're trying something new! For a limited time only, a 30 Day Elevator Pass may be purchased from the Energy Depot. This pass allows all Knights on the account the ability to bypass elevator costs. Elevator Passes are activated at the time of purchase and will show up in your arsenal's 'Useable' category as with other upgrades.

Shadow Keys

Shadow Keys are now available from Boost for the foreseeable future. They can be purchased for the now non-promotional price of 1,800 CE.


Surveys will now occasionally be available from the Uplink. Fill them out and help us improve Spiral Knights!


Systems with more memory should now see increased performance.

  • Fixed an issue in a Lichenous Lair room where turrets were surrounded by bramble.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in a Candlestick Keep room.
  • Drab Sideblade will now equip the right color on use. Existing equipped Drab Sideblades are unaffected.
  • Heavy Game Face accessory now shows the proper name on its tool tip when equipped.
  • Snarbolax armor will now accept Aura accessories.
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