Release Notes 2012-08-01

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From the Release Notes:
New Danger Mission: Heart of Ice

Join Desna's Recon Rangers and explore the fiendish city of Amu-Sol. This frozen wasteland is home to a deranged and devilish cult plotting to put the entire Clockworks into a permanent state of deep freeze!

The entirety of Amu-Sol is swarming with frozen souls and deep within the heart of the city lies the source of it all: the cult's powerful leader, Maulos and a towering column of pure everfrost.

Heart of Ice is a new Danger Mission, intended for skilled players. It is available in the Prestige Mission section of the Mission interface.

New monsters are featured in Heart of Ice and their official names are:

  • Frozen Soul
  • Perma-Frostifur
  • Maulos
  • Trojan shockwave attack range has been restored to the previous range.
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