Release Notes 2012-09-12

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From the Release Notes:
New Danger Mission: Ghosts in the Machine

Spiral HQ has received a distress call from a derelict facility deep within the Clockworks.

The distress call came in the form of a digital message saying only 'save us.' Believing it to be a potential trap, Spiral HQ has deployed Desna's Recon Rangers to investigate the facility and assist anyone who may have sent the message.

Ghosts in the Machine is a new Danger Mission, intended for skilled players. It is available in the Prestige Mission section of the Mission interface.

New monsters are featured in Ghosts in the Machine and their official names are:

  • Static Soul
  • Surging Bombie
  • Static Deadnaught
  • The Big Iron

As a special launch celebration, Ghosts in the Machine will be available daily for a week! Following that it will be added to the the Danger Mission rotation.

Spectator Mode

You can now watch any live Coliseum game with Spectator Mode! To access, open the Coliseum and press the 'Spectate' button. Then just select the game you want to watch and enjoy!

  • Press the arrows at the top of the screen to change between players, or use the arrow keys
  • Spectators cannot see invisible players (Lockdown)
  • Spectators can chat with other spectators during the match
  • Spectators cannot chat with players until the end of the match
  • Players cannot see spectator chat during a match
  • Minor changes to handling chat commands: if a command is typo'd the line of text won't clear.
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