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From the Release Notes:
Winterfest Has Arrived!

As snow begins to fall on Haven once more the Strangers and snipes have begun to celebrate Winterfest! This year the holiday festivities include a new Coliseum map, a special Prestige Mission, exclusive prizes and more!

Mission: Save Winterfest!

Impostoclaus has come to town but unfortunately not every child will be receiving a present from him. In the gremlin outcast town of Emberlight, a faction of fiendish, green-furred gremlins called 'grinchlins' have begun an attack on Emberlight. These grinchlins seek to rob the orphans of Emberlight of their presents and even destroy Impostoclaus!

It's up to you to accept the new Prestige Mission, 'Save Winterfest!' and help Impostoclaus deliver presents through a monster infested back alley of Emberlight. Knights have only a limited time to run presents to safety, avoiding monsters who mean to steal the presents as well as defending Impostoclaus from grinchlin attacks!

'Save Winterfest!' is a unique Prestige Mission as it can be completed as often as you like while available. Delivering presents successfully rewards the party with Winter Wish tokens.

New Lockdown Map

Battle over a snow-swept cityscape where the snow is not just for shoveling, but great for throwing at other knights! Features:

  • A 3 CP map where the combat is fast and frigid * watch out for those snowballs!
  • Open up even faster routes to your CP via a back door button
  • The Slush Puppy in the central square guards plenty of snowballs, but it won't be happy if you try to take them!
Winterfest Rewards

Participation in the 'Save Winterfest!' Prestige Mission and Coliseum events will earn you Winterfest rewards in the Haven Town Square. Visit Impostoclaus and his little helper, Randolph to cash in Krogmo Coins and Winter Wishes for the following:

  • Frosty Prize Box featuring Frosty costume armors and accessories
  • Various Santy Hats
  • Snowballs you can throw anywhere

And more!

The Hunter's Lodge and Boss Trophies

Guild Halls with both 3F expansions can now install the Hunter's Lodge. The Hunter's Lodge is a monster hunting lodge curated by the great hunter, Armero. It contains a guild alchemy machine containing monster trophy recipes. Guild alchemy machines use resources from the Guild Treasury and deposit results into the Guild Treasury.

Boss trophies require special materials available from Brinks in the Haven Bazaar for boss tokens. Materials include:

  • Snarbostuffing
  • Jelly Glue
  • Schemer Scrap
  • Dark Ember

Boss trophies list:

  • Frumious Fang
  • Replica Natural Snarbolax
  • Replica Shadowy Snarbolax
  • Jelly Gem
  • Royal Jelly Crown
  • Replica Royal Jelly
  • Roarmulus Blueprints
  • Small Replica Roarmulus Twin
  • Large Replica Roarmulus Twin
  • Almirian Seal
  • Lord Vanaduke's Mask
  • Lord Vanaduke's Finery
Guild Hall Doors

Guild Hall rooms can now have doors that restrict access to guild members of specific ranks. Doors can be installed via the room console. Like rooms, they must be re-installed if they are ever removed. Doors include:

  • Member Door
  • Veteran Door
  • Officer Door
  • Guild Master Door
UI Changes
  • Hall of Heroes has new loading screen art.
  • Loading screen and end of level report headers have had their art adjusted.
  • Acquisition of Arsenal items now plays an interface effect.
  • Guild Records can now be filtered by knight name.
  • When directed to a specific mission in the Mission Interface, players will no long be directed to a closed mission if an open version of the same mission is available.
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