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From the Release Notes:

It's here, knights! Winterfest is here!

Have you been naughty, or nice? Nice, right?

No? Naughty? Why would you--

Never mind. Fine. It's fine. It's Winterfest, after all, and Winterfest is for everyone! Here's the rundown:

NEW: Winterfest Danger Rooms in the Clockworks! From these random encounters, you can collect Frozen Winterfest Wishlist tokens. Impostoclaus' trusty assistant, Randolph, is stationed by the Haven fountain and will trade these tokens for Winterfest Present Boxes, in which you may find:

  • Candy Striped Onesie
  • Festively Striped Onesie
  • Holly Striped Onesie
  • Joyous Striped Onesie
  • Flashy Winter Pullover
  • Garish Winter Pullover
  • Gaudy Winter Pullover
  • Tacky Winter Pullover
  • Impostoclaus Outfit

Each Winterfest Present also contains one to three Winter Confetti and Flawed Snowballs.

The Mysterious Alchemy Machine is also producing a weapon called the Peppermint Repeater. Although it sounds tasty, it is for external application only and we do not recommend licking it.

Grinchlin Assault Prestige Mission

Invade the Grinchlin base of operations on Mount Krampus and put an end to their humbug! Face a choice at each shelter - collect loot and leave the mountain, or leave the treasure and climb further toward the summit! Collect special materials from Mount Krampus to craft 5* Grinchlin reskinned weapons:

  • Deadly Candy Poker
  • Nog Blaster
  • Jack Froster
  • Scalding Hot Cocoa
  • Humbug Hazer

Can you make it all the way to the summit? If so, you have a chance to win Golden or Silver Solstice Rings. These 4* trinkets protect against fire and freeze with a +1 health bonus. Leave them as-is, or combine them to craft a 5* Grand Solstice Ring trinket!

And remember, don't eat the Grinchlin Snowballs. Those are for...well, you'll figure it out.

Save Winterfest!

Those Grinchlins just won't quit. As with last year, they aim to ruin Winterfest for everyone, and they're making a pretty strong showing. Impostoclaus wants YOU to assist him by doing the Save Winterfest prestige mission!

If you've been naughty this year, this is a great time to redeem yourself...or just to get red, green, and white Winter Wish tokens. Trade with Randolph in Haven:

Red Winter Wishes for

  • Santy Sallet
  • Snowy Santy Hat
  • Winter Confetti (15)
  • Flawed Snowball (15)
  • Frosty Prize Box

Green Winter Wishes for

  • Santy Pith Hat
  • Snowy Pith Hat
  • Winter Confetti (15)
  • Flawed Snowball (15)
  • Frosty Prize Box

White Winter Wishes for

Tailed Santy Hat*

  • Snowy Tailed Santy Hat
  • Winter Confetti (15)
  • Flawed Snowball (15)
  • Frosty Prize Box

Decoration Kit Prize Boxes

Get into the spirit of Winterfest by decorating your guild hall! These boxes, provisioned by the Supply Depot, contain:

  • Holiday Presents (red, green, white)
  • Candles (red, green, white)
  • Winterfest Trees (red, green, white)

You may also find some other surprises!

  • Winterfest Table (it has a platter of cookies and milk on it)
  • Blue Wandering Snipe
  • White Flying Snipe
  • Green Wandering Snipe

For more information, cast your eyes over here.

If you'd like to give gifts to your fellow knights, decorative Gift Boxes are available from the Supply Depot at a discount during Winterfest.

Winterfest is here on Spiral Knights through January 3, 2016, so tell your friends and guildies to come on over!

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