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The practice of reviving allows a knight or party to continue on through the Clockworks even after a defeat. Knights will automatically leave the Clockworks if all members of the party are defeated and do not revive within three minutes. Reviving is not meant to be a substitute for good equipment and skilful play, however.


While fighting their way through the Clockworks, knights will lose health when they take damage from monsters and other hazards. If a knight's health bar reaches empty, the knight will be defeated, and will not be able to fight until revived. All knights have one free revive per dungeon level. Additional revives may be purchased as Spark of Life. If you do not want to use a Spark to revive, you can click to return to Haven. Reviving is coupled with a Revive Blast.

Methods of Reviving

Emergency Revive

Emergency revive in action.

All knights have an 'Emergency Revive' (Icon-Emergency Revive.png) that automatically activates upon death. It's used once per dungeon level. A small light on the knight's portrait indicates the existence of the emergency revive. If lit, the player has one, if not, the player must use or purchase a Spark of Life to revive. The emergency revive is replenished at the start of every dungeon level.

Additional Revives

If lacking an Emergency Revive, players who wish to revive may use a Spark of Life from their arsenal, purchasable from the Supply Depot in a pack of ten or individually in a popup presented to them in the dungeons. Sparks of Life can also be found as loot drops in the Clockworks

Reviving with a Spark consumes one Spark of Life, revives the player to full health and creates a large energy blast. Heat is not lost during this process.

The option to use or purchase the Spark is only present if the player is out of free revives for that level. If a knight doesn't have any Sparks in their arsenal, they can purchase one on the spot for 50 energy, each revive will use a single Spark. Prudent knights will benefit using the option to buy Spark packages in the Supply Depot.

Use a Spark from your arsenal to revive.
Buy a Spark to revive.

Player Revive

Use a Spark to revive a defeated party member at full health.

A knight can use a Spark of Life to revive a defeated party member. To grant a Spark to someone in the party, click on their portrait and choose the option 'Revive using a Spark of Life'.

Automatically Join Party

If all the living party members reach the elevator, they may elect to go down and all dead players will be revived upon reaching the next level. If a player was dead before proceeding to the next floor in the previous level, the emergency revive is considered spent at the start of the level.

Revive Blast

Energy Revive Blast.png

When a player revives using energy, it will be coupled with a Revive Blast. This is a vicious pulse that springs from the heavens, dealing severe stun and a considerable amount of damage to all monsters in range, shortly before knocking them back to the very far corners of the room.

Historical notes

  • Sparks of Life and the emergency revive were added to the game on release 2013-07-30.
  • The material formerly known as Spark of Life was changed to Storm Chaser.
  • Defeated knights would lose 30% of the heat they had collected so far. Should that player be revived by another player, the lost 30% will be given to the rescuer. If the player revived themselves, they will regain the 30%. When reviving others, only half their health was given. Knights could use energy to revive another party member who was defeated by clicking on the defeated knight in the party menu and choose to revive with energy. Both the health and heat sharing were removed with the advent of revives using the Spark of Life item.

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