Rune Soldier (Guild)

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Rune Soldier
GuildLogo-Rune Soldier.jpg

"Together we rise!" - Triskai

Guild Founder: Glowupball
Approx. Population: 5
Guild Master(s):
  • Glowupball
Guild Officer(s):
  • Triskai


"Yeah i did my homework :|"- Glowupball"

"Together we rise!" - Triskai

About Us

Yoyoyo I'm Glow and this guild was created to take over the world and enslave all of its populations. All of the crowns will be ours >:|

Kidding though, this guild was made to help all its members and other players too. I've been around and not many guilds offer help to its members other than a nice big guild hall. Let's adventure around to find what we truly want to find.

We are rivals with the guild "Divine Retribution" and in an alliance with the guild "Broken Dreams".


Have Honor

No Begging

Play Nice Kiddos

Optional - Be a True Hero (salutes)

Ranking System


  • You're new, welcome.


  • You're newish or medium, take pride though.


  • You're old or helped build the guild from the beginning!

Gunnery Sergent Officer

  • You earned my respect and the respect of the guild. Thanks Yo!

Guild Master

  • Self-proclaimed True Hero! = Me and others worthy of it.

Donation Rates

Wtf? No thanks yo, I'll pay. You can help, but don't make me look bad by donating too much >:|

How To Join Meh and My Peeps

Gimme all your money and food and food-related objects >:|

Kidding, just find me or mail me in game. I'll set you up :)

Or Triskai if you think I'm too intimidating to ask :|

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