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Save Winterfest!
Mission-Save Winterfest!.png
Mission List: Prestige (Event)
Important Stratum Themes:
  • Monsters: Gate Icon-Fiend.png Gate Icon-Gremlin.png
  • Status: Icon status freeze.png

None, though delivering presents will earn Winter Wishes.

  • City Rubble Rumble

Save Winterfest! is an event-exclusive prestige mission available during Winterfest.



It is during each and every Winterfest, that a faction of green-furred gremlins make quite a mess, in the town of Emberlight. These 'grinchlins' as they are called, stop at nothing until they've hauled, each and every present from the town of Emberlight.

And so Impostoclaus has asked the Spiral Knights, to take up their arms and fight, the monsters that threaten the town of Emberlight. So grab a present and answer his call! Ensure that a merry Winterfest is had by all, in the town of Emberlight.


Help Impostoclaus deliver presents to the orphans of Emberlight.

Gate Map

First Floor:
Gate-Generic Lobby.png
Name: Mission Lobby
Depth: 0
Level Link: This mission's lobby is standard.

Second Floor:
Gate-Alleys of Emberlight.png
Name: Depends on day
Depth: Depends on rank
Level Link: This floor is either Alleys of Emberlight or Silent Emberlight.


Related news art.

The player must be at least ranked Squire (3-1) to host this mission.

It consists of unique timed levels with no exit elevator where a party of 1-4 players must help carry presents for Gremlin orphans in the back allies of Emberlight.

The player will find themselves in one of two different levels, depending on the day. The first day of Winterfest lands the player in Alleys of Emberlight, with the next day being Silent Emberlight. This cycle repeats consistently until the event ends.

Presents are carried from one end of the map to the other in order to receive Winter Wish tokens, which can be traded to Randolph for various items. The type of Winter Wish received is random. The quantity depends on the type of present carried, the difficulty of the mission, and the depth. Tokens will appear around a present pile at the end of the map when a present is delivered. Tokens must be picked up by each individual player in order to be acquired.

  • Red presents grant more tokens but significantly hinder movement speed.
  • Green presents grant fewer tokens but do not affect movement speed.
  • See: Save Winterfest!/Data

When the player delivers a present, Gremlin orphans will gather around them and seem to laugh with joy. They will also open tiny presents. They otherwise wander around in a safe area, watched over by larger gremlins and a few knights.

Along the way many respawning monsters harass the player and various hazards hinder progress. When the player returns to carry more presents, several Grinchlins might appear to attack Impostoclaus. If Impostoclaus's health falls too low, the mission will be aborted. A Platter of Cookies and Milk appears near the first present pile if Grinchlin assasins are defeated. It can be thrown at Impostoclaus to heal him.

Kleptolisks can steal presents off the player's back with their tongues and digest them quickly. If defeated within a few moments, the greedy beast will drop the present it stole. The player will have to get another present from the starting pile if the Kleptolisk isn't defeated quickly enough. Kleptolisks will completely ignore presents on the ground, preferring to attack players instead, even if the player isn't carrying any presents or pickups. Presents on the ground vanish within a minute, so pick it up again and continue post haste.

Grinchlin Stalkers have a rare chance of dropping a Humbug Hat costume in Tier 3 versions of this mission.


  • release 2012-12-12: Mission introduced during the second Winterfest.
  • 2012: Alleys of Emberlight has switches and the squad can locate Gold Keys to access a present pile about midway through the map. The Platter appears near the end pile, and must be carefully carried all the way back to heal Impostoclaus.
  • 2013: Silent Emberlight added to the level possibilities, and many changes were made to the layout of Alleys of Emberlight.
  • 2014: Instead of one kind of Winter Wish, there are Green, Red, and White varieties that appear around the end pile.
  • 2015: Blue Winter Wish added to token variety.


Presents are carried on the back of the player.


This mission is replayable. The timer should be considered a challenge, nothing more. Don't deplete your Spark of Life supply here...and importantly, do not stress out about the countdown, as there are no penalties associated with it. Deliver presents, have fun, and enjoy the holidays!

It is better to pick tokens up sooner instead of letting them accumulate, as the game has a limit to how many can be on the ground at the same time.

Alleys of Emberlight is generally considered to be the easier level. There are many other Winterfest activities in which to participate, so just wait until the next day if the desired level isn't available.

It is recommended to do this mission with 4 players in the squad, due to the nature of the mission's mechanics: with more players, this means more presents are delivered in less time, which means prizes can be obtained sooner. Get a squad together to spam runs with a single agreed upon strategy so nobody is hindering the squad's goals.


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