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(List of Requests)
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Beazhive: Crystal Bomb (Found)*V
Beazhive: Crystal Bomb (Found)*V
Emyria: Royal jelly shield (7.10)
Emyria: Royal Jelly Shield (7.10)
Enshadu: Vog Cub Coat (8.10)
Enshadu: Vog Cub Coat (8.10)

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For internal use only, merchants hawking their wares need not apply. Entries should be removed after two weeks, or whenever a recipe has been delivered.

*You may not request a recipe that's only available from trading Krogmo Coins with Sullivan as they bind on purchase.
*If you want something for your alternative account(s), please request it through your account that is a member of the guild.
*When multiple requests of the same recipe are made, the earliest takes precedence.
*Please leave all temporarily removed guildmembers' request on the list, only remove them once it has been official that they are not returning to the guild.

List of Requests

Beazhive: Crystal Bomb (Found)*V

Emyria: Royal Jelly Shield (7.10)

Enshadu: Vog Cub Coat (8.10)

  • *V See Vermilionshadow to pick it up.
  • *>(Recipe)< Highest priority selected by whom requested the recipe.
  • *Note: Cameronkilla owes Vermilionshadow 100,000 crowns because of a deal made for a Grey Owlite shield.
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