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Scenario rooms are special rooms in the Clockworks that offer a little story and atmosphere, hints of a larger story, or a special bonus to those that discover them. Note that certain ones can also be found in missions as well. Some scenario rooms are rarer than others.

Scenario room Description Level Depth Type
Scenario Room-Candlestick Keep 1.png There are two fallen Knights in a gated room with a Carnavon. There is a recon module left that reads: "The candle's going out! They are coming! Curse Kalem for going after that treasure..." Candlestick Keep 17, 26 Dialog

Scenario Room-Clockworks 1.png A Geo Knight with a monitor is studying the affects of minerals have that attract certain types of monsters. The information module near the Knight reads: "Certain types of monsters seem to be attracted to different combinations of minerals found down here in the Clockworks." There is also a what appears to be an Ice Cube whose name appears to be Hubert (who happens to be "de-spiked"), according to the Geo Knight, and may be his pet.

The monsters that the Geo Knight studies are Wolvers, Jelly Cubes, Scuttlebots, Ironclaw Menders, Yesmen and Spookats.

All Clockwork levels All depths Dialog

Scenario Room-Clockworks 2.png Three Geo Knights from Spiral HQ set up a campsite around a mineral room. Clockwork Tunnels - Cooling Chamber 1, 14, 19 Dialog

Scenario Room-Clockworks 3.png A bridge that is or is not being repaired - or destroyed. Gremlins will spawn as the player passes through the room. Cooling Chamber - Wild Path, Power Complex , Wasteworks - Infernal Passage 19, 26 Dialog

Scenario Room-Clockworks 4.png A campfire with 4 knights. It looks like the knights are on their first expedition in the Clockworks. Cooling Chamber 14 Aesthetics

Scenario Room-Clockworks 5.png An abandoned or ravaged campsite. One of the containers have been overturned, and the remaining knight is shaking in shock. It is possible some monsters have attacked the campsite. Wasteworks - Wild Path, Blast Furnace - 11, 14, 19 Aesthetics

Scenario Room-Clockworks 6.png A giant metal beam that's been driven down the path. Blast Furnace - , Power Complex - 1, 22 Aesthetics

Scenario Room-Clockworks 7.png A possible Gremlin workshop of some sort. A Gremlin Thwacker spawns at the corner table in the top right, and hitting the switch in the middle spawns 2 friendly Mecha Knights from the empty areas in the top of the room. Scuttlebots will also spawn from the destroyed grey boxes. Power Complex - Infernal Passage 17 Aesthetics

Scenario Room-Clockworks 8.png A slimy area with some tubes and poison traps. Wasteworks - Slimeway 9 Aesthetics

Scenario Room-Clockworks 9.png A possible storage area of some sort. The grey boxes reveal hidden Scuttlebots and treasure boxes can be found at the end of the room. Cooling Chamber - 22 Aesthetics

Scenario Room-Clockworks 10.png A campfire with a resting knight between two party buttons. Standing in the area will refill your knight's health. Cooling Chamber - 7, 12 Bonus

Scenario Room-Clockworks 11.png A room with Gremlin tools. The room looks like it's under construction. Clockworks Tunnel-style Levels 1 Aesthetics

Scenario Room-Clockworks 12.png A room with a large cooling fan in the center surrounded by crystal blocks. Breaking some of the blocks will spawn Ice Cubes. When cleaning some space, 2 dead Gremlin bodies can be found lying on the ground. Cooling Chamber - 10 Aesthetics

Scenario Room-Clockworks 13.png A broken bridge or hallway. It doesn't look like work will continue on that section. Wasteworks - , Power Complex - 20, 21, 22 Aesthetics

Scenario Room-Clockworks 14.png A frightened knight hiding. Clockwork Tunnels -  ??? Aesthetics

Scenario Room-Clockworks 15.png A construction site for a new Roarmulus Twin. The button opens the gates and spawns 2 Gun Puppies. Behind them are 2 Treasure Boxes surrounded by Missles found in Iron Claw Munitions. Cooling Chamber 14 Aesthetics

Scenario Room-Graveyard 1.png A mausoleum. A fading inscription reads: Here lies Torin, knight of Almire Graveyard - Where Monsters Fear to Tread 10, 11 Dialog

Scenario Room-Graveyard 2.png A shining spark on the ground. Stepping off the grass onto dirt will cause damage (roughly half a bar of health) and inflict poison. You cannot activate the sparkling tile if you continue to shield through. Drops a Grim Spark upon interaction. Graveyard - Where Monsters Fear to Tread 24/26 Bonus

Scenario Room-Graveyard 3.png A knight sitting down with 4 candles. There are 4 re-spawning zombies hidden in the dirt piles. The zombies can't enter the area where the candles are lit, but their stun breath still works. The knight says, "No, there are just too many... I can no longer fight them. All that's left is the light from these candles. Without it I..." Graveyard - Where Monsters Fear to Tread 11 Dialog

Scenario Room-Graveyard 7.png Similar to the room with the knight between the 4 candles, but the knight is dead and the candles are unlit. The zombies are not restricted from entering between the candles. Nothing happens when the knight is examined. Graveyard - Where Monsters Fear to Tread 24 Aesthetics

Scenario Room-Graveyard 4.png A poisonous mist that may be miasma. It poisons anyone who tries to walk through it. Graveyard - Where Monsters Fear to Tread 11 Aesthetics

Scenario Room-Graveyard 5.png A big coffin with chains on the sides. Graveyard - Where Monsters Fear to Tread 11 Aesthetics

Scenario Room-Graveyard 6.png Similar to the room where the big coffin with chains on the sides - except that the coffin is gone. Graveyard - Where Monsters Fear to Tread 20 Aesthetics

Scenario Room-Lichenous Lair 1.png A meteor of some sort that has crash landed into the Clockworks. Upon approaching the meteor, several waves of Lichens will spawn. Lichenous Lair - Fiery Fusion/Shocking Synthesis 9, 11, 12, 14 Aesthetics

Scenario Room-Wolver Den 1.png An ancient structure of some sort. Wolver Den - Raving Rabids/Frosty Fury 19/28 Aesthetics

Scenario Room-Wolver Den 2.png A giant sword on the ground surrounded by statues and boxes. The dialog reads: "Etched within the side of the blade appears to be some kind of map of the stars". Wolver Den - Ashes to Ash Tails 19/22 Bonus

Scenario Room-Wolver Den 3.png A fountain with a totem on the middle. Shoot at the fountain with your gun or with a vial to get crowns. Wolvers or Lichens will sometimes spawn instead of crowns. Wolver Den - , Lichenous Lair - Prognosis: Symbiosis / Cold Fusion / Fiery Fusion 12, 19, 20 Bonus

Scenario Room-Wolver Den 4.png A Snipe meadow with treasure boxes and invisible heart pads. Wolver Den - Ashes to Ash Tails 11 Bonus

Scenario Room-Wolver Den 5.png A campsite near the exit elevator. The campfire is still burning. Lots of unusable containers, 3 treasure boxes, a heart box, and two pickup items. Wolver Den - Ashes to Ash Tails 3 Aesthetics

Scenario Room-Wolver Den 6.png 3 statues of puppy enemies and 1 pool at each end. 1 large Gun Puppy statue accompanied by 2 smaller Gun Puppy statues, with one pool on the left and right side. Wolver Den - Ashes to Ash Tails/Frosty Fury 3/5/7 Aesthetics

Scenario Room-Wolver Den 7.png A lonely campsite with no one in camp. Could they have possibly abandoned the camp, or did something worse happen? Wolver Den - Frosty Fury 11 Aesthetics

Scenario Room-Wolver Den 8.png A camp with some recruits. Each recruit says a variety of things when interacting with a knight. Wolver Den - Ashes to Ash Tails 7/14 Dialog

Scenario Room-Wolver Den 9.png A place with a fossilized Tortodrone. Maybe was it abandoned by someone or just it died? Wolver Den - High Voltail 22 Aesthetics

Scenario Room-Ruined Compound 1.png An abandoned mini lab likely used by Gremlins, there is a deactivated Mecha Knight in a corner and a piece of a Retrode arm in the floor. Ruined Compound - Ravenous Warrens 19 Aesthetics

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