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NPC: Gremlin
Primary Location(s):
  • Hammer Smash Attack elemental icon.png
  • Hammer Blast Attack elemental icon.png
  • Spin Attack Attack elemental icon.png Icon status stun.png
  • Bombs Attack shadow icon.png
  • Rocket Dash
  • Weak to: Attack shadow icon.png Shadow
  • Resistant to: Attack elemental icon.png Elemental
  • Immune to: Item-Ultra Curse Vial.png Thrown status vials

Seerus is an NPC.


A Gremlin.


Warmaster Seerus has five phases. During the first and third phases, Seerus is perched in his throne above the area while his minions do battle for him. Below Seerus are three Battlepods. The left and right Battlepods do not have shields and will respawn, while the middle one does have a shield and ends the phase when destroyed (the main battlepod's destruction is independent of the lesser ones, and so is its shield). In the second and fourth phases, Seerus leaves his throne and joins his minions in the fight, wielding his mighty Rocket Hammer. He dashes around dropping bombs that deal Shadow damage and trying to smash the player with his hammer. A charged smash from his hammer will send out lines of explosions in multiple directions like a Blast Network bomb. After a number of charged smashes (usually 4), Seerus will be knocked down for a few seconds. Once he takes enough damage, he will retreat to his throne and summon another wave of Battlepods. In the fifth and final phase, Seerus leaves his throne for the last time and once again joins the fight in addition to the three Battlepods, all of which now have shields, and have the ability to produce lasers that tend to get in the way of knights. Once Seerus is defeated, he flees, moments before he self-destructs the Grand Arsenal, and the player escapes, picking up a tier-dependent mask fragment in the next, and last, level via the elevator.


Seerus, like all Gremlins, is weak against Shadow damage. Unlike all other bosses, he is immune to all thrown status vials. Due to his frequent dashing, he can be hard to hit with a sword or bomb, however when knocked down he is extremely vulnerable to sword charges and combos. Therefore, it is recommend to bring a Shadow damage gun such as Sentenza for shooting him while he's dashing around, and a Shadow damage sword such as Acheron for dealing massive damage when he's been knocked down. A competent knight (or group of knights) should be able to keep count of how many charges he has deployed since his last self-stun (usually four) and come closer to Seerus when he is about to deliver the one that will stun him, keeping out of reach of the blast and the minor explosions so they can deliver damage shortly after.

During the Battlepod phases, it is recommended to divide your team between dealing with minions and attacking the Battlepods. Bombs such as Nitronome and Dark Retribution are useful for keeping the minions away from the teammates attacking the Battlepods. Try to time the destruction of the lesser Battlepods so that they will be gone during the entire time the central Battlepod has its shield down. It is also possible to simply focus on the main Battlepod to end the phase rapidly, albeit with more risk of being damaged by the other Battlepods. During the final phase, the Battlepods are instantly repaired and cannot be destroyed, so focus all attacks on Seerus, but paying attention to the orange ground markings are important since the Battlepods fire lasers that inflict fire and heavy elemental damage.


After you have defeated Warmaster Seerus for the first time, you will be rewarded prestige and two weapons depending on the tier of your mission. These weapons are:

Additionally, every time you defeat Warmaster Seerus you will be able to pick up one piece of following materials in the next level (depending on tier of your mission):


This character has been in the game since Operation Crimson Hammer's launch day, which is on February 29th, 2012.

Warmaster Seerus is a member of the Crimson Order and the boss of the expansion pack "Operation: Crimson Hammer": he is one of three Gremlin bosses (the others being Schemer Razwog and Herex), and the first expansion boss in Spiral Knights. He owns the Grand Arsenal and is the mastermind behind countless gremlin war machines, including the Roarmulus Twins.

When speaking to Vise at the lobby, he states that he had a history with Seerus, and mentions that it is not worth remembering in any way.

Before the fight against him, he mentions Herex in one of his dialogues.

Seerus's involvement with Herex seems to be, in the very least, uneasy, since he asks the knights sieging his arsenal if they were sent by Herex as assassins.

The same seems to apply to his relation to other members of the order, since the Warmaster has manufactured a bomb to be used against them.

Seerus seems to have been adopted as a sort of "meme" by the Spiral Knights community, often used in place of "serious". An example could be: "Listen up, everyone, what i'm about to tell you next is very SEERUS". This, along with the mewkat's particular speech, is one of the few Spiral Knights-related memes known.

The Warmaster also seems to have very low regard for his staff, as he is seen referring to them as mongrels and often sacrificing their lives with his inventions. Some of them consider him crazy and flee to emberlight, or are captured while trying.

Seerus's mask seems to be modeled after the Japanese Tengu mask. Tengu are disruptive demons and harbingers of war.



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