Shadowed Guardians (Guild)

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Shadowed Guardians
GuildLogo-Shadowed Guardians.png

"To the darkest depths we go!"

Guild Founder: Gmjeb, Minihodgie
Approx. Population: 125+
Guild Master(s):
  • Gmjeb (Founder)
  • Minihodgie (Co-Founder) (Active Leader on a Alt)
  • Snarbolaxboy (Inactive Alt of Goodmens)
  • Redstarlight
  • Pheonix-Lord
  • Bigalsanchez
Guild Officer(s):
  • Junkbot
  • Coldchill
  • Georgeisdum

Welcome to the Shadowed Guardians wiki page!

We are mainly a social guild, we're very active, and very chatty. We're not focused much on prestige or power, being the best at Lockdown, or strutting around with an elitist attitude. Experienced players and newbies are welcome. We try to help each other out, run missions and arcade together, have contests for prizes, etc. Our main goal is to have friendly, social fun community. Donations to the guild are not required, but those that help out get some extra perks in return, as our way of saying "Thanks!" If this sounds like the sort of guild you have been looking before, please don't hesitate to contact a Guild Master or Officer for recruitment.

Got a question? Please take your time to compose a message containing your question to one of our Guild Masters, or Officers in-game and we will answer your question as soon as possible! If you like you can spread the word about the existence of this page, we would love for it to be known!


  • 1) Please, no begging, for crowns, energy or even a rank, it just isn't right! This includes to either guildmates or others out in Haven.
  • 2) Have respect for others and be nice to each other. This includes, but is not limited to: using appropriate language if asked to, not spamming, not scamming, not abusing officer privileges, respecting others' boundaries, and so-on...
  • 3) Have fun! Hey, it's what games are all about right?


General Ranks

  • Recruit: Given to new members. This is your probationary period where we can see how well you fit in and whether you follow the rules. This is also your time to decide if you would like to stay.
  • Member: We will assign this rank to you once you have been active for a few days (2 or more depending on the Officer/Gms opinion of your Behavior), and we see you are following the rules and are planning to stick around.
  • Veteran: This rank is no different from Member in our guild, apart from allowing access to our Mist well. This rank is reserved for those who consistently contribute crowns to the guild treasury, so that we may continue to upgrade our guild and pay our upkeep. This rank is a "THANK YOU!" to those that want to help make our guild better.

Officer / Guild Master

These ranks are to be appointed ONLY by the GM's, and ONLY when necessary. These are not "prestige" ranks, but carry with them additional responsibility within the guild. Do not join expecting to achieve these ranks easily, if ever.

Removing Guild Members

Violating any of the guild rules or game rules will result in a warning, but if continued it will result in removal from the guild (if the behavior is bad enough that we believe you need to be reported, then we will).

Guild members who haven't been active more than 2-3 weeks will be removed from the guild unless they have a good reason for being inactive (If you have been removed and want to rejoin then compose an in-game message to one of our guild masters stating what you believe was the cause of your removal and why you think you should be allowed back in and we will reply back as soon as possible. (Please do not lie as we will investigate).

Officers inactive more than 2 weeks will be demoted unless they have a good reason to, and removed after another 2-3 (Again message your reason to the guild masters if you were demoted and have a reason for in-activity). he

Shadowed Guardians Gallery

Occasionally updated with pictures that involve the guild (All gallery images MUST be in-game screenshots! There is reason for this). CURRENTLY UN-AVAILABLE WILL BE ADDED AFTER UPDATE

Being Updated by: Minihodgie's Active Alt!

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