Slime Lockbox

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Slime Lockbox
Slime Lockbox
General Prize Pool:
Additional Prize Pool:
1,2, or 3 of
Usable-Slime, Small Firework icon.png and/or Usable-Slime, Medium Firework icon.png and/or Usable-Slime, Large Firework icon.png and/or Usable-Slime Confetti icon.png

The Slime Lockbox is a Lockbox.


A slippery, slimy lockbox won at the Golden Slime Casino. It contains one of many special items. It can be opened with a Slime Key or a Silver Key. On the side, very small markings seem to read "###." — Tooltip


Randomly from a Golden Prize Wheel.


This lockbox can be opened with either a Key-Silver Key icon.png Silver Key or Key-Slime Key icon.png Slime Key.

The Additional Prize Pool probabilities do not dilute the main Prize Pool probabilities.

The number markings in the box's tooltip indicate one of four prize pools. In general:

"000" seems to lack Cool and Military
"001" seems to lack Heavy and Dusky
"002" seems to lack Regal and Toasty
"003" - ???

The "003" box seems to be the most rare.

Data collected by players for these boxes can be found in forum node 115215.

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