Spartan Warriors (Guild)

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Spartan Warriors
GuildLogo-Spartan Warriors.png


Guild Founder: Clearly
Approx. Population: N/A
Guild Master(s):
  • N/A
Guild Officer(s):
  • N/A

The History of Spartan Warriors and it's down fall

Spartan Warriors was created my it's Founder and Guild leader Clearly last year during the Old SK era, Spartan Warriors was inspired by the hit popular series on youtube "Spartan Warriors", Clearly the guilds founder was thought to be the kindest guild leader in all SK as it may seem it was true, but years to pass he started to get serious and not wanting the guild to fall apart in the end it did, so many Guild leaders and officers to come left cuase they wanted to be in a better guild. As months pass Clearly kept getting depressed and depressed apparently he left his own guild and was never seen again, few months after the guild crashed and no one ever got back on this the down fall of Spartan warriors, but in all Spartan Warriors will always be reconized as the only guild to be the kindest, strict and serious guild ever

-"I honor Spartan Warriors, and it was sure fun while it lasted. I remember the times with Kinny-Chan and Clearly. I respected them both because they looked after me. I will always remember that angelic set uniform.I am hoping if any former Spartan Warriors is out there to hear this message." -Dark-Fantasy

-"In honor in Spartan Warriors: I Fallen-Valkyrie a.k.a Clearly (character deleted) have been remembering the good old days that me and my members have had in Spartan Warriors, eve though I have moved on somethings will never change that were in the past, one could say those were the memorial days anyone could ever have, the golden days. sometimes I wish I could just repeat the past only during some parts but alas no one can do that, so me, Fallen-Valkyrie will declare this day to be the Spartan Warrior Memorial Day"- -ChaosMoth

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