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*{{location|{{PAGENAME}}|Shrine of Slumber III|4.3}}
*{{location|{{PAGENAME}}|Shrine of Slumber III|4.3}}
*{{location|{{PAGENAME}}|Shrine of Slumber IV|4.3}}
*{{location|{{PAGENAME}}|Shrine of Slumber IV|4.3}}
*{{location|{{PAGENAME}}|Torporal Titan|1.3}}
*{{location|{{PAGENAME}}|Meteor Mile|4.3}}
*{{location|{{PAGENAME}}|Meteor Mile II|4.3}}
*{{location|{{PAGENAME}}|Meteor Mile III|4.3}}
*{{location|{{PAGENAME}}|Torporal Titan|4.3|icon=Torporal Titan}}

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Starlight Cradle
Gate-Starlight Cradle.png
Important stratum themes:
  • Traversing the Aurora Isles
  • Gate-Starlight Cradle.png Shrine of Slumber
  • Gate-Starlight Cradle.png Shrine of Slumber II
  • Gate-Starlight Cradle.png Shrine of Slumber III
  • Gate-Starlight Cradle.png Shrine of Slumber IV
  • Gate-Starlight Cradle.png Meteor Mile
  • Gate-Starlight Cradle.png Meteor Mile II
  • Gate-Starlight Cradle.png Meteor Mile III
  • Gate-Torporal Titan.png Torporal Titan

The Starlight Cradle is a region. Regions categorize levels with similar characteristics that have been incorporated into the Clockworks.


Beneath a moonlit sky azure islands drift in a sea of stars. These islands are home to creatures that are more than happy to creep upon those who succumb to this world's endless lullaby. — Gate Icons


Levels of this area could be encountered during the preview event but were removed for the official launch.

The 7-2 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: In Cold Blood's final floor Lizard Lounge seems to be a Starlight Cradle level. It uses the same gate icon and description as Starlight Cradle when viewed in the Gate Map. This seems to be a deliberate technical choice on the part of the developers, allowing for the construction of a unique level using old graphics resources.

For a very brief period in late October 2013, Shrine of Slumber and Shrine of Slumber II appeared in depth 2 of an Iron Bishop arcade gate. This mistake was promptly fixed,[1] and likely had something to do with changes made in relation to gate generation with release 2013-10-16.

They were reintroduced with release 2017-05-11.


Instead of linking to individual geography subpages, level data is listed here:

Shrine of Slumber I - IV

Torporal Titan

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