Starlight Cradle/Torporal Titan

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Gate-Torporal Titan.png
Region: Starlight Cradle
Level: Torporal Titan
Depth: Tier 3 only

Notable Exploration Entities


This level has a purple blur effect at the corners of the screen that makes you feel like you are in a dream. It is the final Starlight Cradle level. Its counterparts are Dark City: Stygian Steeds and Concrete Jungle: Briar Bone Barrage.

Fight through several skirmishes. Sloombargos spawn for the last fight. The soundtrack changes from the standard Starlight Cradle soundtracks to "Spiral Knights Main Theme" for most of the level as soon as the first party button is activated.

There's a "edge"-type tile under the exit elevator, that is blocking players.

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