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Subtowns are located below Haven at the first depths of Tier 2 (depth 8) and Tier 3 (deoth 18) of the Clockworks and are neutral levels where knights can recover from their journey and prepare for further challenges.


Subtowns serve as places to rest and re-equip. They feature an Arsenal Station as well as a number of different vendors, including Kozma and Brinks, where knights can purchase supplies for the journey before progressing deeper into the Clockworks or returning to Haven. Knights are restored to full health on entering a subtown.

There are two subtowns; Moorcroft Manor - an eerie, partly abandoned old mansion used as a hostel for both weary travellers and ghostly guests alike - and Emberlight, town of Gremlin outcasts. These subterranean towns are inhabited by many creatures - often friendly members of otherwise hostile races of Cradle - who offer assistance or information to knights passing through.

Knights can enter a subtown via any gate, as long as they are cleared to enter that Tier. Knights choosing to take the elevator directly from Haven will arrive in the centre of the subtown, bypassing the previous Tier/s entirely.

If entering a subtown via the previous levels of Clockworks, knights will encounter barriers preventing inexperienced knights from delving deeper than they should. If they have the appropriate Star Certification they will be allowed through by the Spiral Warden - otherwise, they will have to return to Haven. Speaking to the Spiral Warden will allow knights to find out what they need in order to be granted access.

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