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The Core: [1]

Chamber of Commerce

Secretary of Commerce: Phoenixmoon

Trade Supervisor: (Open)

Market Analyzer: (Open)

What We Do

As an independent department of trade and negotiation within Armistice, our duty is to sell merchandise to all players of Cradle, and that includes you, as the member of our guild. We believe that establishing a relationship with the individual consumer and guilds alike, we are earning the opportunity to raise money for the guild and obtain gear we might not otherwise be able to distribute.

How We Affect You

While we do conduct business with other players and guilds, question remains, how does this affect you as the member?

As a member of Armistice, you have the following benefits through the Department of Commerce:

  • Access to credited loans
  • Discounts on equipment, recipes, and materials through our department chair
  • Interdepartmental jobs

What is a Credited Loan?

As a member of Armistice, you are eligible to take out loans through our department Chairman. Credit is awarded to you when you pay back the loan in a timely fashion, ranging from a scale to 1-100. On average, players who take out loans for the first time will be credited between 50-60 points. Remember: the higher your credit, the greater loan you can take out.

If you are late in payment, interest rates may and will apply, depending on prior discussion and agreement, and in some cases, collateral may be applied for larger loans.

What Discounts do I get, as a Member?

All members are given a small discount through purchases of the department Chairman.

These are the current discount rates, depending on your rank:

Recruit: 5% discount

Member: 7% discount

Veteran: 10% discount

Officer and greater: 15% discount

Remember: only purchases through the current Secretary of Commerce are these discounts applicable.

What Jobs Can I Get in the Chamber of Commerce?

Members of Armistice can obtain these jobs through application:

Guild Marketeer: The backbone of guild sales, as a marketeer, you are tasked with selling and trading items with the general populace. When commissioned, you sell specific items wholesale, to avoid Auction House fees.

Recipe Hunter: For those looking for an adventure, Hunters scour the depths of The Clockworks to hunt for the elusive recipes from Basil. When commissioned to hunt, you will look for the required recipe and purchase it for the guild. Pay is 1.5 times the Basil cost of the recipe.

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