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Protected Page. Contact Support

This page is being blocked due to spam edits. If you need help, please contact support by email at


Hi, I have got a problem. Whenever I want to download your game I see always the same:"0% downloaded. Unexpected end of file on server." I just don't know whats going on. I have got minimum requirements for sure, because i was playing this game one day. Because my friend downloaded this game, installed it at own PC and then packed[installed] and send my at mail. I unpacked it and it was working one day, becuase next day update came out and i had to download it. Of course i got the same :"o% ... bla bla bla ".

I just don't know what to do to install it. I got last version of Java. My drivers for graphic cards are newest too.


Just reinstall the game - Vlad

How reinstall not installed? ... I tried to do it several times. I just want to install it and I CANT DO IT BECAUSE OF: "Unexpected end of file on servers." To install i need few files. Which i need to DOWNLOAD. What i can't do,because of before error.

Try installing game via STEAM, or download it from site (JAVA) or last option from me, download and install client of SK to your PC, and play from disk.

Spiral knights via (JAVA) Browser - Spiral Knights Client download - Spiral Knights on STEAM (Requires STEAM installed on PC and Steam account!) -

Your friend Sutirem aka Pusio - Hope i helped you!

Could anyone please tell me why the contact billing/support links don't work? aside from the fact that they're "empty" O.o 'Cause I would really like to contact them.

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