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[edit] [purge] Template documentation

Files are from ~/.getdown/spiral/rsrc/ui/icon/map/, desaturated and with increased contrast. All these images are copyright Three Rings Design.

There are two kinds of icons in this template:

  • "Icon_Map_Name": greyscale/general indicators. These are useful and the naming convention doesn't get in the way of other templates around the wiki that might have issues with naming.
  • "Gate-Name": somewhat generic icons (not recolored based on stratum themes and so on) actually seen on the screens of elevators.

Please update filenames as needed, prioritizing naming convention for icons used in mission pages and others around the wiki (starting with "Gate" instead of "Icon Map") if they are seen in-game, but ONLY if they are indeed generic (the same colors are always used for the icon, no matter where the icon shows up).

Here's the category section for in-game gate icons for convenience

The following icons are among the SpiralKnights resource images, but are not currently used in gate maps. When they are, please modify this template accordingly.

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