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*Wesleyownage '''[Co-owner]'''
*Wesleyownage '''[Co-owner]'''
*Amderter '''[Guild Master]'''
*Amderter '''[Guild Master]'''
*Pokingstick '''[Guild Master]'''
*Nina-Nono '''[Guild Master]'''
*Nina-Nono '''[Guild Master]'''
*Reblaze '''[Guild Master]'''
*Reblaze '''[Guild Master]'''
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'''Guild Veteran(s):'''
'''Guild Veteran(s):'''

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[ Welcome to the Guild Wiki of The Anonymous! ]

The Anonymous
GuildLogo-The Anonymous.jpg

"United We stand!"

Guild Founder: Anon-Sinox
Approx. Population: 260+ members
Guild Master(s):
  • Anon-Sinox [Founder]
  • Wesleyownage [Co-owner]
  • Amderter [Guild Master]
  • Nina-Nono [Guild Master]
  • Reblaze [Guild Master]
  • Queen-Alessa [Guild Master]
Guild Officer(s):
  • Binary-Bard
  • Danixyea
  • Deathlunar
  • Eternalmorning
  • Jay-Jurble
  • Lipherstar
  • Tellus-Goldfire
  • Trymal

Guild Veteran(s):

  • Bitemee
  • Dezzimall
  • Doomed-Shroud
  • Flamewariors
  • Jpng
  • Keeper-Of-Chaos
  • Leapsofaith
  • Lemoncookie
  • Majinxo
  • Margaret-Moonlight
  • Markipo
  • Rage-Of-Snarbolax
  • Roozmomo
  • Royal-Eva
  • Tyvod
  • Vestr
  • Zimzio
Website: The Anonymous YouTube

"United We Stand!"

[ Introduction ]

The Anonymous has been owned by many but now rests in the hands of Anon-Sinox.

The guild was created in 2012 to gather a team of powerful knights in order to overcome to most difficult assignments faced by the Spiral Order and Over the years the guild has done just that.

Our core principle of team work is the driving force behind our success hence where others may seek personal glory, The Anonymous believe that no one knight can achieve a greater victory then that of his team.

So while a sole powerful knight my carry the team to victory today, his goal is to help his fellow knight carry it to the next.

[ Guild Rules ]

  • 1. Be ACTIVE! After 4 weeks of INACTIVITY you will be removed from the guild!
  • 2. Be nice! Keep your jokes in GOOD taste. We don’t believe in demeaning others for a cheap laugh.
  • 3. Help other guild members in need; it’s OUR DUTY as a guild members.
  • 4. Beggars are NOT tolerated. This includes rank, crowns, crystals, and equipment.
  • 5. Guild-hopping is NOT tolerated.

[ Joining the guild & promotions ]

  • Joining

If you would like to join the guild you should contact one of our Officers or Guild Masters for evaluation. (Any rank allowed as of right now) We advise you to first familiarize yourself with our history, beliefs, and rules in order to successful apply into the guild. We may ask you some questions before inviting you into the guild.

  • Recruit
This rank is used only to screen new members before we make them part of our community.
Can be kicked from the guild for misconduct or inactivity by Guild Master or Officer, or by not ranking up to member within 4 weeks.

  • Member
This rank is reserved for all our members who made the choice to become members of the guild.
Can be kicked from the guild for misconduct or prolonged inactivity by any Guild Master or Officer.
To qualify for member rank you have to read our entire Wiki page, and donate 2,000 Crowns to the Treasury.

  • Veteran
This rank is reserved for our T3 members who have the rank of Vanguard and have shown excellent skill and companionship.
Can be kicked from the guild for misconduct or extreme inactivity by any Guild Master or Officer.
To qualify for Veteran rank you need to donate 8,000 crowns to the Treasury, join the Discord and you must have been in the guild for over 1 day.

  • Officer
The Officer rank is reserved for our T3 elite players who have decided they want to move up in the ranks and are capable of carrying out responsible tasks.
Can be kicked from guild for misconduct or extreme inactivity by a Guild Master.
To qualify for the officer rank your application needs to be approved and you must donate 25,000 crowns to the Treasury.
All Guild Masters or the Founder must agree on the promotion.

  • Guild Master
Guild Masters are the founding members and the core of our guild.
Guild Master rank is reserved for our members who have dedicated themselves to the guild over the years.
Are the primary investors to the guild (over 455-625 million crowns to date)

[ More details about the ranks ]

Every member of the guild belongs to one of five ranks. The Founder of a guild begins at Guild Master rank. Every other newly joined member begins as a Recruit. You earn your way up one rank at a time. Within each rank there is a notion of seniority. For example, if Knight A became Officer before Knight B became Officer, then Knight A has seniority over Knight B.

  • Recruits
May use the membership list, guild chat, guild hall, and guild treasury.
[This rank is kept till after the approval of membership]
  • Members
Have the same privileges as Recruits. and also have access to all our hall's service rooms.
[The members job (and anyone else's) is to be helpful of other members and assist where its needed.]
  • Veterans
Have the same privileges as Members, and may enter Design Mode & the Veteran Lounge. (Vanguards can test into this rank)
[Veterans are allowed to make suggestions for guild hall changes and are required to help other knights]
  • Officers
Have all of the privileges of Veterans, and may also invite other players into the guild. They are allowed to promote or Demote knights up to Veteran Rank.
They can also enter Design Mode and publish changes after approval of a Guild Master. Also they can use officer chat and enter the officer's lounge.
[Officers manage the recruits/members/veterans and make sure everyone acts out their roles]
  • Guild Masters
Have the same privileges as Officers, except that Guild Masters may promote & demote knights all the way to Guild Master. Only GMs are allowed to approve use of guild funds!
[Major Guild decisions will only be made with FULL support of all Guild Masters Or the Founder's approval]

[ Guild Events! ]

[ Guild Screenshots ]

The guild throughout the years

Recent photo's

Old photo's

Guild master photo's

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