The Wolven Warriors (Guild)

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the wolvern warriors
File:GuildLogo-the wolvern warriors.png

if u use sword go away all u hav 2 do is pray nd spray

Guild Founder: adamio
Approx. Population: #96

Guild Info

the wolvern warriors was founded by an outstanding vog who goes by the name of Adamio he also beleives the most skilled warriors in the guild are the ones who work the hardest.


1.Do not beg under any circumstantial conditions if any one is found begging they will have there first strike of three and will be demoted. 2.Do not call someone a noob everyone has rights in this guild you do not offend people. 3.You will have three warnings then deleted and put in the hall of shame. 4.If any body invites a member of the hall of shame back into the guild they will also join them in the hall of shame and will be deleted from the guild.

                                             HALL OF SHAME

soulcalibur- for writing the guild page without adamio's permission.

gunslingermaster- for taking over the guild in the absence of it's rightful ruler.

altairzx- for sabotage

History of shame

1.soulcalibur making a wiki page that has untrue information comers failing training. 3.failures in trying to prevent scamming and hacking among its members.

history of removal and reasons 1.removed countless people because they quit the game. 2.removed gunslingermaster for taking over the guild 3.removed altairzx for sabotage

history of creator currently adamio is a vog but when he first started out in the game he was a mercenary and guild master of the wolverocracy. then he was hacked and forced to start over. currently he rules the wolven with fair judgement.

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