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Real time within Spiral Knights is measured relative to Three Rings' time zone, which is always the local time in San Francisco, California, USA.

The current game time used to be available for viewing by going to the Arcade, inspecting any active gate, and looking at the top of the gate window (see obsolete screenshot). It is likely this feature was lost with release 2013-10-16.

Because California observes daylight saving time, game time varies with respect to GMT throughout the year. Game time is GMT-8 in the winter months (from the first Sunday of November to the second Sunday of March). Game time is GMT-7 in the summer months (second Sunday in March to first Sunday in November).

At 0:00 every night, prestige missions change. At 20:00 on every second night, the gates in the Arcade cycle.

Until sometime in 2013, the game servers rebooted at 5:00 every morning. Rebooting took only a minute or two, but it did interrupt play. Regular server reboots seem to no longer happen.

Major updates to the game tend to occur on Wednesday afternoons.

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