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{{SKWindow/Cell| *1. If you ever Dreamed of Beating me, Your Dream is now Broken! *2. Forgiveness is Divine (Avenger)}}
{{SKWindow/Cell| *1. Prepare to be Enchanted! *2. Forgiveness is Divine (Avenger)}}

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Joined: 05/13/2011
Guild: Broken Dreams
Rank: Leader/HGM
Motto(s): *1. Prepare to be Enchanted! *2. Forgiveness is Divine (Avenger)
Achievements: 60/60
Prestige Rank: Knight

Edit this Page without my Permission and you will regret it! Have a good day :D

About me

Hello, I am Lord-Davan Gm/Founder of Broken Dreams, and the Recruitment Officer of Cloud Nine on my alt

  • I am a Tier 3 player who loves to have fun, and love to hang with friends
  • I wear a Hallow Toupee for epic-ness
  • I am epic
  • I look epic
  • I am not Selfish, or Vain
  • I am just Epic, and cannot deny it
  • I play LD, and BN alot
  • I die a lot in FSC
  • I have a lot of Crowns
  • I love OOO!!
  • Been playing awhile
  • This Game rocks


My Past

This'll be long!

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