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Levelling equipment and such

All weapons seem to gain "Charge Time Reduction: Low" at level 5 and "Charge Time Reduction: Medium" at level 10.

All Armor/Helms wit a health bonus seems to get a +1 to it at level 5. However the health bonus is capped to +1 at tier-1 levels and to +3 at tier-2 levels per item.


It looks like vendors have a stable base list of wares, and some randomized slots (those they don't sell in any amount). Randomization is character based, not account based! Are the randomized slots completely random? It is probably better to list the stable base list only on the vendor pages.


Creating a second knight on the account did cost 5 energy. The first started out at 90 mist energy, so it did probably cost 10 energy.

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