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Joined: 04/18/2011

So Who is This Guy?

I'm Angerday, I'm an member of The Jempire and have 1000+ hours on this game. I am waiting for the day that i get to kill King Tinkizar in this game but that won't be for a long time. My weakness is bacon cheeseburgers, i once had my arm set on fire and it didn't leave a scratch on me, i love to PvP, i hate that guy who comes in T3 PvP with his wolver gear on -__- seriously that has to stop. Now you (you lucky dog) who happen to find my page can look at all the cools stuffs that i have and use and blah blah blah. I have been on here since april and its been a lot of fun playing and watching the game grow with the new features it has to show.

So Tell Us How You Got So Fly & Famous

  • My First Guild Experience & The Meeting of The Brit:

I found SK through a Facebook add back in the month of April when the game launched. I remember the first Rose Roselia Event was going on (where my mind set thought id never spend money on a free game....and regret that fully not getting one of the 1st gen chaps). My first guild was with "Whisperwind" the guild was named after the guild master. WW became really inactive so then i got invited to be a GM in Wolver Knights. Where i liked those guys and the community was cool...until i logged on and found out that everyone was kicked from the guild. Thats where i made my first guild "Angry Knights". I'll never forget people like No-Death Wishes, Akrun, Asm-Brad, Treaman, and Sarmallamma. It was here that i met one of my very good SK friends now Lestatshadow. My old officer Akrun recruited him and then we just started doing more runs together and i made him my officer. But months later my guild died and became inactive, Lestat took an SK break because Skyrim just came out.

  • The Knightmare/Spiralsnipes Saga:

When my guild died out i remember looking at guilds and i found Knightmare on the wiki and saw that they had an application process to be in. I thought "hmm, this place must be pretty pro if you need to tryout" So i remember sending mine into Chris and getting an invite in less then 3 days in December 2011. Knightmare became a family to me with people like Emily, Dukthepiper, Kennys-Knight, Season, Kingbowser, Tom-Awsm, Timbalero, Jirobub, Killing-Intent, and i eventually got Lestatshadow to join when he got back on. During this time I met up with Agazide through tumblr where he invited me, Tovvok, Ailment, Shennynerd, and Pilotx to come onto the blog team. This gave me a lil more fame boost in game with Tovvok making the comics and all. When i wasn't on Spiral i was playing Minecraft with Lestat, Chris, Kenny, Duk, and Snarkey having fun building stuff there when SK had nothing to offer.

April 27th, 2012...I'll never forget when Myself, Emily, Season, Kingbowser, Tom-Awsm, Timbalero, Jirobub, Killing-Intent, Lestatshadow, and other KM members left Knightmare to go onto make a new guild because we all felt it was time to move on. We caused more traffic then when the Shadow Key Strike went on way back. And although battles were fought and resolved. I am now happy with my new position as Officer of Perfect Storm and hoping that we get this guild to a full 99 or even more once they release the new guild features.

  • The Storm Calmed, And then a Ruby came along

Sadly in August of 2012 PS was disbanded due to most of the core members who started it with us quit or went to different games. With a heavy heart me and Emily left guild. I went to The Jempire with Emily but she later went to Aequitis. The Jempire have taken me in as one of their own. I am happy with my current status in game. I am also on and off as i am currently making a GW2 section of the Jempire so i have been busy as a bee.


  • Killed Jelly King (a lot)
  • Killed Romulous Twins (a lot)
  • Killed Vanaduke (way too many times to count)
  • Killed Snarbolax (a lot)
  • Killed SL Snarbolax: Twice
  • Killed Ice Queen: Twice
  • Killed Red Romulous Twins: Once
  • Killed Warmaster Seerus (a lot)

It took me the day that missions came out to get to defender. Started at 3pm ended 1am next day Angerlolz.png Angerlolz2.png Angerlolz3.png


  • Golf Wang
  • I hate 2 things in this world: Dumb People and Babies
  • We are all one human race
  • There is something mentally and physically wrong with you if you don't listen to Music
  • Watch The Skies

Where Else Am I?

I'm also one of 6 awesome people who run and post the spiral knights tumblr

Follow Me on the Twitters:!/Angerday1

A Bunch of Swag

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