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Joined: 04/11/2013
Guild: Armistice
Prestige: 45,000+
Achievements: 57/60

About Me

My name is Warranty-Is-Voided and I was born into the Spiral Knights world on April 11st, 2013. I was overwhelmed at first because I signed up right into the middle of an event called Caketastrophe and at same time I received a free 7-day elevator pass from Haven Treasury so I took advantage of it throughout the event.

Four weeks later, I attained the elite status of Vanguard.

On the last note, I'm a true F2Per and I don't pay to play.

I am currently semi-retired from Spiral Knights.


  • Cobalt Magenta Personal Color
  • Tall Tall Height Modifier
  • Delicate Shifty Eyes


Icon-battle sprite.png Battle Sprites
Icon-sword.png Swords
Icon-handgun.png Handguns
Icon-bomb.png Bombs
Icon-helmet.png Helmets
Icon-armor.png Armors
Icon-shield.png Shields
Icon-trinket.png Trinkets


  • Reach 45k Prestige
  • Get every 5* equipment including reskins
  • Collect aura's, confetti's and grand toppers in every quality.

Shout outs

I would personally give my thanks to Sharkiez (original founder of Knightmare and currently GM of Kat Burglars), Tinker and Traskkyuro for guiding me. Without them, I probably would be the noobiest noob ever.

Also props to Apophis-Set, Deadmaux, Inaquandary, Legobuild, Petater, Poomph, Raptor-Zy, Ryoukao and Ychi.

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