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Welcome to ChaosMoth's user page
(Note: Please do not edit this page. Direct all comments to my User talk page.)
The Wonderous Adventures of ChaosMoth a.k.a Fallen-Valkyrie
About Leviathan Knights

About around June 11 when when Spiral Knights hit steam Clearly made a new character thus Fallen- Valkyrie was born after making his new character Him and his old guild member from Spartan Warriors KronosWolf decided to make a new guild, before doing so Kronos made a new character as well thus Zero- Dragon was born, after they made there new characters Fallen dicided to make a new guild Leviathan Knights after a few months of drama and fighting in the guild Zero and Fallen left SK for a few months, they came back and cleaned the guild out to start over new after weeks fights and drama started all over again so Zero and Fallen left for a second time from SK, now they are back and with a better and new Leviathan Knights

About Me

Joined Spiral Knights when SK went open Beta, now am a successful GM of the most famouse Leviathan Knights, gloried for the all members of my guild and starting it up after a long break away from SK Leviathan Knights is doing better then ever, with it's new active members at hand the guild can do anything, but enough about the guild, it's GM and Founder of the guild Fallen-Valkyrie (me) once had another guild Spartan Warriors under a diferent character Clearly (Yes i am not really hiding xD) but left on my own accord of just not being there for the members like I use to but well when I made leviathan Knights I felt something diferent about this guild, what was the feeling but of coarse the feeling to want a more successful guild, so yea enough about me and my guild, about why I been in alot of MMORpgames is just the sence of adventure and dwelling deep into dungeons with friends and fellow guild members so yea that's about it

It's been awhile since I been on SK again and I wan't all to know I am fine ^-^ and I am back and better then ever, the most renowned GM on SK has returned and yea I know how I got my rep ^-^ thanks to every one

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[Leviathan Knights(Guilds)]

And so it begins again

It's been quite awhile since I have played SK but I am back again but this time I don't really want drama at all, it has been YEARS!! and yes I know my guild is quite a ghost town xD but I a sure you I will be back on almost every day, I missed SK and SK has missed me, So lets start over again and be happier then ever

As time flies

It's been awhile since Leviathan Knights was up and running so in all well down below is what happened over the year

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