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Joined: Steam Release
Guild: [Reign of Chaos]
Appareal: Snarbolax Coat & Arcane Salamander Mask

General Information

Fewz is...

...a stoned Dutch Spiral Knight.
...has played every ingame-minute enjoying herb (and counting...)
...salutes all his ingame-friends when meeting them.
...tried creating gear to defend and attack against all strati.
...loves taunting bosses before going into battle.
...likes to make people smile on mumble.

Guild History

  • Mad Minigamers
  • Seal of Corruption
  • End Game
  • Shadow Mercenaries
  • Impact!
  • Guild


Shout out

  • Sherperd : <3 awhadup my french baguette!
  • Peepa : <3 u rawk! ^__^
  • Meida : <3
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