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Suggestions Threads:
Suggestions Threads:
===Stranger Costumes===
'''November 19th'''
Patch Notes: http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/112590 <br/>
Suggestion Threads:

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Unspecified Date


Suggestion Threads:

Mission System

Suggestion Threads:

Mist Energy Removal

Argent Peacemaker & Sentenza Balance

Suggestion Threads:

Equipment Unbinding

Suggestion Threads:

Unique Variant Locking

Preview Function

Furniture Preview Function

Candlestick Keep

Monster Pockets

Battle Sprites

"Pets" Suggestion Threads:
"Skills" Suggestion Threads:
"Healing" Suggestion Threads:

Additional Accessories

Namely Gremlin Goggles, Wind-Up Key, Vial Bandolier, Exhaust Pipes, Ruinous Crystal, Love Puppy Monster Pocket
Suggestion Threads: http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/50675


Auction House

May 18th
Patch Notes: http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/8522
Suggestion Threads:

Blast Network

August 3rd
Patch Notes: http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/19009
Suggestion Threads:

Polyps and Howlitzers

August 22nd
Patch Notes: http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/22053
Suggestion Threads:

  • Unable to find any links

Accessories & Costumes

October 5th
Patch Notes: http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/27649

Shadow Lairs

October 19th
Patch Notes: http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/29852
Snarbolax Armor
Suggestion Threads:


December 19th
Patch Notes: http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/37327
Suggestion Threads:

  • Unable to find any links


Customizable Eyes

April 18th
Patch Notes: http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/50966
Suggestion Threads:

Charge Retainment

Mother Sprite Repositioned

May 16th
Patch Notes: http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/53967
Suggestion Threads:

Dedicated Tail Accessory Slot

June 6th
Patch Notes: http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/55978
Suggestion Threads:

Invite Text Command

July 25th
Patch Notes: http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/60571

Guild Hall Revamp

November 14th
Patch Notes: http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/67939


Kat Helms

January 30th
Patch Notes: http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/73222
Suggestion Threads:

Furniture available from Prize Boxes
Suggestion Threads:

GUI Additions

April 3rd
Patch Notes: http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/77254
Suggestion Threads:
Monster Minimap Icons

Monster Health Bars

Shield Health Bar

Shield Bash

May 13th
Patch Notes: http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/80519
Suggestion Threads:

PvP Forum Subsection

June 7th
Implementation Note: http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/81896#comment-723567
Suggestion Threads:

Name Change

October 16th
Patch Notes: http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/90893

Guild Name Change


Heart Eyes

Gift Boxes

February 8th
Patch Notes: http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/96721

  • Unable to find any links

17 December (Green/Red/White Winterfest Gift Boxes)

Implementation Note: http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/106777

Suggestion Threads:

Ancient Cosmetics

February 27th
Patch Notes: http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/97506
Suggestion Threads:

Pierce Blaster

December 3rd
Patch Notes: http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/106479
Suggestion Threads:

Snowflake Eyes

December 18th
Patch Notes: http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/106777 (Silent patch)
Suggestions Threads:


Stranger Costumes

November 19th Patch Notes: http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/112590
Suggestion Threads:

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