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I'm currently mucking around in entirely Proto Gear (something I never considered doing before now for some reason)

All the following data is regarding Solo Elite

Sovereign Slime (RJP)


  • Proto Sword - ? Damage (? Charge)
  • Proto Gun - 8 Damage (? Charge)
  • Proto Bomb - ? Charge
  • Explosive Cube - 164 Damage


Jelly Cubes

Health: 384
Hits to kill:
  • ? Proto Sword (? Charge)
  • 48 Proto Gun (? Charge)
  • ? Proto Bomb
  • 3 Explosive Cube

These mobs make up the majority of the monsters in the Royal Jelly Palace. Their most irritating trait is how quickly they approach the player, very easily boxing them in. As the player does not have a shield bump, much care should be taken when walking near hordes of Slime Cubes.

Mini Jelly

Gun Puppy

Gun Puppies are relentless in their attack, and thus cannot be ignored while the player is dealing with another monster. When dealing with Gun Puppies, first lure other monsters out of their range and deal with those first. The gun puppy can then be kited by running up to it with a sword, swinging twice while passing it, and then running directly away while it fires. The player then strafes around the bullets, and comes in for another pass.


Lumbers have a lot of health and can take the most time to defeat out of all other enemies. Since they have a large path exclusion box, but a small hitbox, it is quite difficult to get them within blast range of Explosive Cubes.

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