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Joined: 01/01/2015
Previous Guild: Armistice
Current Guild: Fiat Lux
Prestige: 100,000+
Achievements: 55/55

About Me

Hey All, Indrack is here. I started playing awhile back before the big update. I took time off, but created this account after the update ~ Jan, 2015. I am a F2Per aka I don't pay to play.

You'll find me loitering in Haven or off on a mission here and there. Stop by and say Hi.


  • Cobalt Red Personal Color
  • Delicate Normal Eyes
  • Equipment-Shadow Stranger Cap icon.png Shadow Stranger Cap
  • Equipment-Snarbolax Coat icon.png Snarbolax Coat
  • Equipment-Aggro Aura icon.png Aggro Aura
  • Equipment-Shadow Dragon Wings icon.png Shadow Dragon Wings
  • Equipment-Heavy Tome of Rage icon.png Heavy Tome of Rage


Icon-battle sprite.png Battle Sprites

Icon-sword.png Swords
Icon-handgun.png Handguns

Icon-bomb.png Bombs

Icon-helmet.png Helmets

Icon-armor.png Armors
Icon-shield.png Shields

Icon-trinket.png Trinkets


  • Get every Achievement
  • Get every 5* sword including reskins
  • Collect Shadow Costumes + Accessories

Shout outs

I would personally give my thanks to Inaquandary, Genras, and Sieteiluvatar for guiding me through the new updates. Without them I would probably still be soloing throughout Haven and possibly quit SK already. In addition, Thank you to The-Metroid-Tamer and Kernosis for bringing me back to the game after a long hiatus <3

Also props to Zenith-Squid, Stephanys, Lakella, and Boabon

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