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The Original Snarbolax

September 2011
Hippie Drum Circle (Guild)

A young knight was on an expedition into the Gloaming Wildwoods, eager to explore this new area. Yet the woods intimidated the young knight as well, as wherever he went he felt he was being watched by something that he thought could kill him at any moment. Soon the knight was lost, and amid his confusion on where to go he was brutally attacked by a wolver pack. Backed into a corner, he curled into a ball, saying his last wishes before his seemingly inevitable defeat. Suddenly, the pack was attacked as sounds of snarling and biting filled the air, followed by yelps of pain, then silence. He looked up and saw the legendary Snarbolax, gazing upon him with its many bright green eyes. Fear crept into every place it could on the young knights body, bracing for an even worse fate than before. He fainted and fell into darkness, certain he would be heading to an unmarked grave.

When he awoke, he was surprised to learn he was not dead. He looked around, and saw a simple den around him, with a single small bell on the roof. He wondered why it was there, but didn't have to think about it for in front of him was the Snarbolax. He wondered why it did not harm him, why it took him to what he thought was the creature's home. His thoughts were answered when the creature turned around, picked up a cap and cloak in its jaws, and flung them to the knight. The knight took them without question, thankful for the gifts and the incredible kindness the creature has shown. He then made a vow to protect this creature with all his might. He trained in the woods for a long time, building up the strength needed to protect the Snarbolax. He found many other knights in the woods seeking the death of the one who saved him, and managed to convince all but the most stubborn to turn away from harming the docile beast. Any who wouldn't listen to reason he would fight, and he hasn't lost. Yet he would not kill the knights who fought least not initially.

One day, his noble ambitions became corrupted as he contracted a rare disease, caused by continued exposure to the dark forest. This disease made the knight feral, throwing out almost all reasoning and wildly attacking anything in sight save for his savior, for the vow he took was still hardwired into his mind. This caused problems for many of the other knights entering the woods, as the young knight, driven mad by the disease, slayed them without mercy. All hope seemed lost for the knight to regain his senses until one day, the knight was cured of his illness. He could suddenly think clearly, and the regret from slaying so many other innocent knights weighed heavily on his mind. He wished to confide in his savior, but when he found the Snarbolax, he discovered the creature had changed. The golden sheen upon his savior turned pitch black, its eyes and thorns blood red, and the hide became tougher than diamonds. The knight's feral illness had moved on to his savior.

Guilt struck the knight harder than any blow he has taken protecting the beast. The Snarbolax was now mercilessly slaying the knights he once deterred, and it was impossible to stop the beast. The knight was hopeless on how to stop it, but then he remembered the vow he took long ago. This creature was not the Snarbolax he knew, and the knight knew he had to face it in a battle to the death, as the once docile beast has become a threat to any who entered the woods. Undaunted by this task, he decided to set various traps around the woods in the form of bells. The Snarbolax had a small bell in its den, which had a soothing effect on the creature if it was ever agitated. The knight made larger bells in an attempt to try and stun the creature to its senses. Sadly, it was too fast and escaped many of the bells the knight has set, but instead of placing them elsewhere, he left them there for other knights to use, as he learned it worked on other beasts as well.

Fed up with chasing the beast around, the knight decided to place one in the Snarbolax's lair, and it was there that the Snarbolax greeted him. A one-sided clash ensued as the knight dodged the beast's attacks, waiting for the right moment to strike the bell. His patience paid off as the beast charged forward towards the bell, and the knight struck it. The sound, loud and clear, pierced the Snarbolax's impenetrable defense, bringing back the physical appearance of his savior, if only for a few moments. The knight took his chance and slayed the creature before it could change back. A shadow came out of the Snarbolax and hid in the woods, manifesting itself as the creature that haunts the woods to this day.

Just before its inevitable death, the original Snarbolax shed one of its thorns off. It pushed the thorn towards the knight as a final gift, an apology and a thank you all at once, before passing away. The knight accepted it and made a new vow, to protect the knights from the new creature he unleashed into the world. The knight's new cause inspired him to become a divine instrument of the Snarbolax's will, and he remembers his savior in the thorn he carries with him to this day.

About Me

I am but a humble little knight, doing what I can to strive toward my ultimate goal of owning all the peculiar weapons throughout the game. The sort of weapons people use often, the sort of weapons rarely used at all. Variety is quite a wonderful thing to me, since after all, who wouldn't want that?

I'm part of a small little guild that few people know of these days...not that that's a bad thing. Far as I know, popularity was never high on our priority list. No, we're just a fun-loving group, going on small runs as we may. If you find any of us in the Clockworks, know that you're in the company of experienced people that know how to handle themselves.

Now then, how about my collection of weapons?

My Current Inventory
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