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Dusker Colonel.jpg
Joined: 04/22/2011
Guild: Rune Soldier
Rank: Veteran
Achievements: 60/60
Prestige Rank: Vanguard
Dusker Colonel.jpg
Joined: 04/22/2011
Guild: Broken Dreams
Rank: Leader
Achievements: 60/60


Hello, Welcome to my Page... Post comments, and such on the Discussion part thank you

About Dead-Walker/Guild-Man

Dead-Walker: My name is a joke about how I rarely used to die, and about my game skill Guild-Man: My name is a joke about how many guilds I've been in/helped in many ways Same: I Boast playing since 2011 after full Release on 9 different characters I have founded 2 Guilds, and I have been leader of 6 I am loyal to the very end, and won't give up until i have NO choice! I am building up my reputation, starting to edit wiki again, and becoming what I used to be, I expect to become a Big part of the community like I used to be... I'll be fixing the wiki, and editing it, posting on the forums, and helping people in Haven as much as possible, if you run into me be sure to say Hi please, it'd make my day(especially if I got some comments about my page good and bad :P)

Future Plans

  • 1. Keep improving my Guild
  • 2. Find some good people to hang with(Like Man-Bot, and Ryguynns)
  • 3. Will finish my page, so I can stop OCD-ing it

Guild Section

Armor Section


My Art/Pictures


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