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| body =
| body =
{{SKWindow/EmptyCell|[[File: Occsters.png]]
{{SKWindow/EmptyCell|[[File: Occsters.png]]
''I'm so AWESOME! ;D''|center||2}}
''Hi, and I'll be soon to become a Skolver.''|center||2}}
{{SKWindow/Cell|'''Gender:''' Female||2}}
{{SKWindow/Cell|'''Gender:''' Female||2}}

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Hi, and I'll be soon to become a Skolver.

Gender: Female Color: Aquamarine
  • Royal Kitkat Family

Hiya, this is the creator of Occsters. I have also done the Zeruneasu article. If you would like to have a discussion, go on to my discussion~


Main (last updated Nov 06 2013 UTC):

  • Occsters (last used Nov 2013) (joined Aug 2012) (returned Jul 2013, and again in Jan 2014 after a few week hiatus)
  • Kairui (last used Oct 2013) (joined Aug-Sep 2012) (returned Oct 2013)
  • Harumakichi (last used Oct 2013) (joined Jul 2013)


Steam (last updated Nov 6 2013 UTC):

  • Christinedapikachu (last used Sep 2013) (joined Aug 2013)
  • Zeruneasu (last used Sep 2013) (joined Sep 2013)


  • Her YouTube "ChristineThePikachu" is linked with Google+ with the name of "Occsters SK". This account posts random stuff. This YouTube account is active from 2010-present.
  • The accounts that she doesn't use very often are Kairui, Harumakichi, Christinedapikachu, and Zeruneasu.
  • Every one of her pages that link from her profile contain trivias. This includes this trivia.
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