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"A halo that shines behinds her"

Gender: Female Color: Aquamarine
  • Royal Kitkat Family (current)
  • The Gremlin Order (past)

Hiya, this is the creator of Occsters. I have also done the Zeruneasu article. If you would like to have a discussion, go on to my discussion~


Main (last updated Nov 06 2013 UTC):

  • Occsters (last used Feb 2014) (joined Aug 2012) (returned Jul 2013, and again in Jan 2014 after a few week hiatus)
  • Kairui (last used Oct 2013) (joined Aug-Sep 2012) (returned Oct 2013)
  • Harumakichi (last used Nov 2013) (joined Jul 2013)


Steam (last updated Nov 6 2013 UTC):

  • Christinedapikachu (last used Sep 2013) (joined Aug 2013) (removed Feb 2014 8:08a EST)
  • Zeruneasu (last used Sep 2013) (joined Sep 2013) (removed Feb 2014 8:08a EST)
  • Occeh (last used Nov 2013) (joined Nov 2013) (removed Feb 2014 8:08a EST)


  • Her YouTube "ChristineThePikachu" is linked with Google+ with the name of "SyIveon lntertwining" (capital I and lowercase l). This account posts random stuff. This YouTube account is active from 2010-present.
    • "ChristineThePikachu" is also her deviantART name.
  • The accounts that she doesn't use very often are Kairui, Harumakichi, Christinedapikachu, and Zeruneasu.
  • Every one of her pages that link from her profile contain trivias. This includes this article.
  • She has a role of an artist. Most of her artwork is seen on her deviantART page.
  • Her sisters are Kasuha (Vanguard, started 2012-06-26, almost 10k prestige) and Desembur (Knight Elite, started 2013-07-31, 1k prestige).
  • As Occsters is her most used name, she can be mistaken as a male, this statement is not true.
    • Occsters uses her "/e" commands that she makes up on her time.
      • She is seen in one of Wikipedia's category "[ Female Wikipedians]".
  • Her Wikipedia page is seen here.
  • One of her friends Omglolz signed up during Beta/Preview.
  • She plays Spiral Knights on 720p, as her screen resolution is 1366x768.
  • Her username "Occy213" comes off of a character off of a Saturday morning cartoon that aired on NBC, way back in 1984, Snorks, as there is a character named Occy.
  • As she RPs on Whirled, she hides her gender for various reasons.
  • The Steam app that she has made less hours is [ Skullgirls], as Spiral Knights is her main game.
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