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Hey guys, Vermilionshadow/Vermilion242 here, and welcome to my user page.

About Me

I'm just a regular Spiral Knights player, and I am a fan of Minecraft, the Touhou Series, ect. I have access to all of the tiers and I have successfully defeated all of the bosses. I use the sword quite often, and use guns when recommended, low health, and/or when all other party members have been defeated. I also try to also use vials/pills wisely, and I try to avoid any sort of foolish moves (such as attempting to fight in a Tier 3 arena with Proto equipment.) I also use bombs not so often since I do possess only 2 on this account. I also do go by 2 other users, and that users' names would be Kawashiro-Nitori & Hinacle.

My Equipment

Clockworks History

Here is a list of Bosses/Minibosses I have defeated, rare monsters encountered, or any other personal achievements.

Note: The main reason I actually consider Toxilargo to be a miniboss is that it is only found on the level Briar Bone Barrage, during an ambush. This list does not include enemies like the Trojan or the Giant Lichen Colony due to how many locations they can be found at.

Guild History

Here are the Guild's I've been in, and a small background information about them, (also there will be a link to the Guild/Guildmaster's page if provided.)

1. Ordo Malleus

This is the first guild I was in, which this guild is named after one of the three major Ordos of the Inquisition (as stated here [1].) The guild was started by Kisora, and she and Xblades are the guildmasters. Original position in guild: Officer

2. Scarlet Gensokyo (Current)

This is the guild I am currently in, and the guild name is originated from a Japanese danmaku shooter game series known as Touhou ([2])Scarlet being the last name of the two Vampire characters, Remilia Scarlet and Flandre Scarlet, from Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil (Game 6,) and Gensokyo is where all of the games takes place. The guild had been started by Sick. Current position: Officer.

-As for the Scarlet Gensokyo Steam Group, since Sick somehow managed to demote himself, I am currently the "owner" of the group, the group is of public access, so if you like the Touhou series, or whatever reason whatsoever, you can join freely. Scarlet Gensokyo Steam group

-This guild has also participated in the Lockdown Preview event, but there were only four I have confirmed that have paricipated. The four that I know is me, (I actually started the guild during the Preview event, but I went by 3 different In-Game-Names, Kawashiro-Nitori is the account I used for the event since Steam users got to test it the day before it came out.) The other 3 guildmembers known would be Katmint, Shameimaru (this user actually does have an account for the wiki, she just has not created her userpage yet,) and Danizpsycho (This user actually joined the guild during the preview event. Notice: Danizpsycho is no longer in the guild.)

Other Websites

You can find me on various websites aswell (Usernames included.)


Note: I actually don't have any filming equipment and have had a bad history with certain computer recording programs such as Fraps, so don't be suprised if I do not have any videos uploaded.

Steam:[4]/VermilionShadow (Currently Known as: Orin Kaenbyou)

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