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Thoriana is a Veteran in the Elements of Harmony guild. She enjoys casual dungeon runs, undercutting inflated mats to keep the economy stable, and helping newbies with their questions and issues.


Current Gear
Helmet: Equipment-Seraphic Helm icon.png Seraphic Helm
Shield: Equipment-Sinister Skelly Shield icon.png Sinister Skelly Shield
Armor: Equipment-Wyvern Scale Mail icon.png Wyvern Scale Mail
Weapon 1: Equipment-Leviathan Blade icon.png Leviathan Blade
Weapon 2: Equipment-Shadow Driver icon.png Shadow Driver


  • Visit the Core
  • Complete all 4-star equipment
  • Complete all 5-star equipment (1/5)
  • Complete a complete top-down Snarbolax/JK/Vanaduke run
  • Craft entire Owlite shield line for costumes

Coming soon

  • List of materials needed for remaining 5-star gear
  • List of rare mats for sale/trade
  • Character portrait
  • Portraits of guild members as G4 My Little Pony characters
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