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ZephyrSong's primary character is Thoriana, an Officer in the Elements of Harmony guild. She enjoys casual dungeon runs, undercutting inflated mats to keep the economy stable, and helping newbies with their questions and issues.


Current Gear
Helmet: Equipment-Seraphic Helm icon.png Seraphic Helm
Shield: Equipment-Sinister Skelly Shield icon.png Sinister Skelly Shield
Armor: Equipment-Dragon Scale Mail icon.png Dragon Scale Mail
Weapon 1: Equipment-Leviathan Blade icon.png Leviathan Blade
Weapon 2: Equipment-Shadow Driver icon.png Shadow Driver


Be sure to check out the rest of the knights of the Elements of Harmony! The current membership includes:

  • Norfair (Guild Master)
  • Thoriana (Officer)
  • Corsa (Veteran)
  • Megadeus (Veteran)
  • Pseudomind (Veteran)
  • Sorakazi (Veteran)
  • Aetherometricus (Member)
  • Dairius (Member)
  • Ensayia (Member)
  • Keranus (Member)
  • Shodinmojai (Member)
  • Sunless (Member)
  • Toppipitik (Member)
  • Xenovandread (Member)
  • Giggler (Recruit)

While not actively recruiting, EoH is usually open to new members. Membership RUURUUs are simple: members must be at least 15 years old and must have watched enough My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic to be able to list the major cast. There is a quiz. Ranks include: Recruit, for new members who aren't IRL friends of a guild member or otherwise aren't well known; Member, for established members who are T2 or above; Veteran, for members who have visited the Core in the presence of at least one other guild member; and Officer, as elected by fellow guild members. While EoH is a pony-themed guild, not all members are bronies. In this, as with all things, Wheaton's Law is in effect. Members are usually around regularly, so feel free to hang out.

Coming soon

  • List of materials needed for remaining 5-star gear
  • List of rare mats for sale/trade
  • Portraits of guild members as G4 My Little Pony characters
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