Winterfest Coat

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Winterfest Coat
Winterfest Coat-Equipped.png
Accessory Positions:

Icon-accessory-armor front.png  Icon-accessory-armor back.png  Icon-accessory-armor rear.png  Icon-accessory-armor aura.png  


The Winterfest Coat is a costume.


A supremely soft and seasonally stylish suit that radiates with wondrous Winterfest cheer. It tells everyone that when it comes to the holidays, you mean business.


Acquisition has changed over time. During the Winterfest event:

2012: randomly from a Usable-Winterfest Prize Box icon.png Winterfest Prize Box.
2013: from the Supply Depot for 3500 energy.
2014: Not available.
2015: Usable-Winterfest Present icon.png Winterfest Present.


This item was introduced 12 December 2012 during the 2nd Winterfest.


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