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"Nunc tempus mutandi futurumque prioritas"

Guild Founder: Vloxor
Approx. Population: 10-50 per class
Guild Master(s):
  • Vloxor


Xargiva is a small, seasonal academy whose main mission is to train new players and graduate them as experienced Vanguards over a 2-month period.


The academy was established in late 2013 under the name "Darkna" before it changed to Xargiva in early 2015. During the early years, the academy ran year-round with a constant flow of recruits in and out of the roster. Its 2 original Guild Masters were Jcml and Xdjbc, who are now known as Vloxor and Uraxis.

The summer of 2015 took Xargiva from a small community to a network of connected guilds with the creation of the Lockdown-focused guild, Benevolent (ran by Honeysmokedham), the PvE-focused guild, Revival (ran by Uraxis), and the annexation of Team Spiral. Sadly, the network fell in late 2015 when foul play was discovered amongst the leadership of Benevolent and its head guild master was ultimately banned.

Since 2016, it has been a smooth ride for Xargiva, with a new system and no drama. As of June 6th, 2021, Xargiva has graduated a total of 12 classes of recruits (8 summer classes and 4 winter classes), and by the end of the summer, it will be graduating its 13th since 2013.

The Class Cycle

Summer: From the end of May to the end of July, Xargiva opens its doors to a new summer class. Typically, the recruiting phase lasts up to 4 weeks since its reopening and then ceases a month before graduation day to give each recruit a fair amount of time to graduate as a Vanguard. The ideal recruit holds the rank of Apprentice, Squire, or Soldier. Though, Knights and Knight Elites may be recruited as exceptions. Once a recruit reaches 5-2, their cobalt gear will be sold and they will be asked a variety of questions in order to select the correct type of gear they will be working on for the rest of their careers within the academy. This usually includes a trip to the Hall of Heroes and granted access to Member Storage. After gear has been sorted out, they will receive an invitation to attend a combat lesson with recruits of similar standing taught by Vloxor. From there on, they will be tasked with completing their 3-star certifications and continue until they have reached Tier 3, where they will be granted access to Veteran Storage. When a recruit has completed the campaign, they are promoted to Officer, where they are either tasked with helping out lower-ranked classmates or can graduate from Xargiva early. The last week of June is usually known as Graduation Week, where Vloxor sends out numerous mail about guilds willing to take Xargiva graduates with open arms. Graduates are expected to make their choice by Graduation Weekend, and will finally join their selected guilds during the Graduation Ceremony.

Winter: From the middle of December to the end of January, the winter class is in operation. This class is usually small due to the class period being less than 2 months and therefore has only a small amount of graduates. The cycle for the winter class is similar to the summer class, though extremely condensed and speedy. Graduates from this class sometimes come back to help teach the class of the upcoming summer.

Class Ranks

Recruits: Players who either just joined the academy or do not talk at all.

Members: Players who do talk and are in Tier 1 or Tier 2.

Veterans: Players who have passed their 4-star certification.

Officers: Players who have completed the campaign and are awaiting graduation.

Current Status

Xargiva is currently open for the Summer Class of 2021.

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