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This article describes how to make a wiki page for a guild. Be sure to make your guild or be in a guild before attempting to make a wiki page for it. Also, you cannot edit the Spiral Knights wiki from a Steam account. If you do not already have an account on the Spiral Knights web site, then make one. Even if you do not play from that account, you can edit the wiki from it.

Creating the Page

When creating a guild page on this wiki, a certain naming convention must be observed. If the name of your guild is "Example", then the name of your guild wiki page is "Example (Guild)". Failure to follow this convention will result in your page being moved or deleted without warning.

The easiest way to create a new guild page is to follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure you're logged into the wiki. Your account name will show up at the top of the page if you are logged in.
  2. On the left side of any wiki page, there is a search box. In that box, type the name of your guild, followed by a space and then "(Guild)". In other words, type the name of your guild's wiki page, as described above.
  3. Press the Go button. You should see a page explaining that your guild page doesn't exist.
  4. Click on the red link "create this page". You should see an editing page, with a big text-editing box.
  5. Type any text you like into that box, to describe your guild. You will have time to add more text later, so don't worry about completeness yet.
  6. Press the Show Preview button to see a preview of your wiki page. If it is not to your liking, then edit some more and preview again.
  7. In the Summary edit box, type a short summary of your edit — for example, "created page". Press the Save Page button, to save your edit permanently. If the wiki complains about a "loss of session data", just click the Save Page button a second time.

Congratulations; you have just made your guild wiki page. Whenever you like, you can edit the page by clicking the Edit link at the top of the page. Whenever you make an edit, use the Show Preview button to preview your edit before saving it, enter a short description of your edit in the Summary box, and press the Save Page button to save your work.

Guild Info Template

The most commonly used template on guild pages is the Guild Infobox. Using this template adds a polished appearance that is consistent among all guilds. Also, the presence of this template on your guild page causes your guild to be added to the list of guilds at Category:Guilds automatically.

To use the template, just copy paste the wiki code shown below into the beginning of your wiki page.

| name = GuildName
| motto = Motto
| founder = FounderName
| pop = #

Fill in your guild name, motto, founder, and population. There are also several optional arguments that you can add to the template, to enhance your guild info box. Add this line, to list one or more guild masters:

| masters = MasterName, MasterName

Add this line, to list one or more officers:

| officers = OfficerName, Officername

Add this line, to show your guild's external web site, if you have one:

| website =

Adding a Guild Logo

The info box created by the GuildInfo template automatically shows a guild logo. This logo is simply an image file that is stored on the wiki in a particular location. The location is always something like "File:GuildLogo-Example.png", where "Example" is replaced by the name of your guild. If you have not yet uploaded an image file to that location, the guild info box shows that file name, instead of showing the image itself. Here are the steps for uploading a guild logo.

  • Take a screenshot from the game, or draw a logo yourself. Save this image to your computer, preferably in PNG format. GIF and JPEG images are also acceptable.
  • Make sure that the image is cropped and sized exactly as you want it. It probably should not be more than 300 pixels wide. (If it is wider, then you can use the "logosize" option, described below.) There is currently a bug in the wiki software, that prevents images from updating immediately when new versions are uploaded. If you mistakenly upload an image that you don't like, then you can always upload a new version, but the new version may not be visible to wiki readers for several days.
  • Click on the red link "File:GuildLogo-Example.png" in your guild info box (or whatever it is called, for your guild). You should see a page for uploading files to the wiki.
  • Click the Choose File button, to select the image file on your computer.
  • In the Summary edit box, enter a short summary, such as "first guild logo" and include the tag {{guild image}}.
  • Press the Upload File button to save your file to the wiki.
  • If your guild logo image file was not of type PNG, then edit your guild wiki page again. Add one of these lines (but not both) to the GuildInfo template, telling it what the type of your file is:
| type = gif
| type = jpg
  • If you wish to shrink or stretch your guild logo as it is displayed on your guild wiki page, then edit the wiki page to add this line to the GuildInfo template (replacing 250 with the size you want):
| logosize = 250
  • If you've edited the wiki page, don't forget to preview your changes, write a short summary, and save the page.

Additional Items To improve Your Page

Below the GuildInfo template, you can add almost any content you want to your guild wiki page, simply by typing text. Here are some content ideas:

  • Guild Summary - What is the purpose of the guild's existence?
  • How To Join - What are the criteria for joining the guild? If a guild is not accepting new members, then say so.
  • Guild Rules - What are the rules? How are members expected to behave? How do members get promoted?
  • Guild Roster - You could list all of the guild's members. Use of the Showhide template is recommended.

You can also look at other guild pages and click on the "edit" tab to see what kind of code they use to get what you see on the page (just don't change things & hit save, you can just hit back or close the window after looking for what you need without changing a page by unintentionally).

Need Help?

There's a Wiki Editors forum where you can ask for help in the Won't you please, please help me? thread.

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