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Planetfall (Guild)
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""Defend to the End""


We need a logo!!!




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About Us

Fact and Fiction


      The Knights of Planetfall stand in defense of the core, protecting it against the swarm and all other malicious intents. We strive to liberate our fellow knights, and bring our people into prosperity


      We're a bunch of fun loving and active gamers who enjoy chatting it up and beating down foes

Recruitment and Promotion


      Want to join Planetfall? Fill out the Application here and a GM, or Officer will send you a PM regarding your membership.


      Ah! you're looking to improve your rank in Planetfall! Well, you're in the right place that's for sure!

      But First, you need to be sure to know a few key details

      First up

        You are expected to earn you rank on the merit in 2 of the 3 primary facets of play: Skill, Diligence, and/or Society

        If you choose Skill as one of your forte's you'll need to pass a combat exam

        If you choose Diligence, then you need only attend the Bi-Weekly Guild Meetings and wait

        If you choose Society, then you'll need the support of you peers




        • If you are a recruit looking to become a Member, simply wait until 1 week after you joined to apply and you'll have satisfied the Diligence Facet of a Member.
        • If you are a member looking to become a Veteran, you'll need to wait 3 months after your promotion to member ranking and you'll satisfy the Diligence Facet of a Veteran.


        Most members choosing to major in this facet tend to be aiming for the fast track.

        Simply put you'll need 10 point of promotion, which you can earn, by having your friends in the guild PM the GM and/or officers

        • Members of Lower Rank than you will earn you 1 pt. per knight
        • Members of Same Rank will earn you 2pts. per knight
        • Members of Higher Rank will Earn you 5pts. per knight
        • COMPLAINTS WILL DEDUCT 3 - 5 pts.

        Should anyone, members or the populace at large, complain about you, a notification will be sent to you, as well as a record of your current societal score.


        Promotions are awarded en-mass during the Bi-Weekly(Every Two Weeks) Guild Meetings



      • Expectations: Not Much
      • Uniform: Spiral Demo Helm + Wolver Coat
      • Perks: You can claim Planetfall as your guild and visit the guildhall ANYTIME!


      • Expectations: Weekly Dues
      • Uniform: Fused Demo Helm + Dusker Coat
      • Perks: Recruit Perks, Access to Member Storage and Rooms (Mist well)


      • Expectations: Monthly Dues
      • Uniform: Heavy Demo Helm + Ash Tail Coat
      • Perks: Member Perks, Option to Establish an Apt in the Guild Hall, Discount Dues (10% off), Access to Veteran Storage, Rooms, and Design Mode


      • Expectations: Yearly Dues
      • Uniform: Bombastic/Volcanic Demo Helm + Skolver/Vog Cub Coat
      • Perks: Veteran Perks, Discount Dues (additional 15% off for 25% off all dues!), Access to Officer Storage, Rooms, and Design Publishing

    Guild Master

      • Expectations: Not Much
      • Uniform: Armor From Wolver Line
      • Perks: Officer Perks, Discount Dues (additional 5% off for 30% off all dues!)

Rules And Regulations


    1. Respect Your Fellow Guild Mates
    2. Do Not Spam The Guild Chat
    3. Behave



        Uniforms are required at ALL guild events unless it is stated otherwise.

        The uniforms for each Rank can be found in the "Ranks" Section with the corresponding Rank

        For various contests and events, special accessories are given to Knights to note their accomplishments and/or performance.

        These accessories are merits to be worn on their uniform to serve as a reminder of their historic endeavors

        In order to better facilitate Uniforms it is suggested to assign a Load-out with your uniform

        It is also requested that you refrain from customizing your uniform with your own accessories

          Rule of Thumb
            Helm: Demo Helm
            Armor: Wolver Coat

          Existing Merits

          • Bomb Bandolier: Contribution To GvG Blast Network
          • Side Blade: Contribution to GvG Lockdown


        Events are fun, but expensive. Having a swag guildhall isn't cheap either.

        No single knight can be expected to support an entire guild

        With this in mind, the founder instituted a system of dues to ensure a constant inflow of currency to guarantee Planetfall is the best guild possible, no matter the circumstance

        Funds collected go exclusively towards global expenditures. Never will you see anything bought for a single knight with guild dues.

          Some Examples of expected Expendatures:

            • Guild Hall Upkeep
            • Birthday Party Presents(Generic Gifts only)
            • Uniforms (For Officers and Vet's)
            • Event Awards
            • Mission Matl's

        Dues are REQUIRED with membership, starting with members. (Recruits are not expected to contribute)

        Dues may be paid on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis

          Weekly Dues are expected over the weekend, from Saturday to Sunday and cover the following week and are noted at 3Kcr

          Monthly Dues are expected over the first 7 days of the month and cover the following month and are noted at 15kCr

          Yearly Dues are expected in January and cover the yearand are noted at 180Kcr

        Should you decide to pay on a longer scale, sufficient funds would be required to cover the remaining dues of the cycle

          For Example, Aki pays on a weekly basis, but would like to pay on a monthly basis. its currently the second week of the month (which she's already paid for) so she would have to pay for the remaining 2 weeks and she'd be all set


          Failure to pay dues is not a crime, but it does cause needless complications

          As a result, any members that fail to pay their dues will be placed on probation and demoted to recruit until their dues are paid

          As a recruit they will be treated as such, awards will be at the discretion of guild management.

          If a member fails to make their expected contribution by their next pay cycle, they will be ejected and suspended from the guild

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