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This page contains the five latest sets of release notes. All release notes are available on a single page at release/all (warning, the page is long). You can also view the release notes in calendar format.



From the Release Notes:
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an exploit with Wheel Launchers in all Firestorm Citadel bridge levels.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing lost souls to incorrectly scale with party size.
  • Hallways in the Core should generally be shorter.


From the Release Notes:

Today's patch features the release of more Rank Missions! This patch includes five new Rank 10-2 missions that unravel some long standing mysteries while weaving new tales and adventures. These missions must be played in order.

Rank 10-2

After strange interference is detected deep within Firestorm Citadel the Vanguards embark on a series of missions that will have them returning to old stomping grounds and beyond. Reunite with old friends and foes alike and discover a new charge for the future of the Spiral Order.

Bug Fixes
  • Writhing Tendrils now display the correct icon for the back accessory slot.


From the Release Notes:

Bug Fixes:

  • Dazed Glasses, Dazed Seeing Stars Halo, and Dazed Stagger Star accessories now display the correct color.


From the Release Notes:
Bug Fixes

10-1 Breaking in the Recruits:

Operation Greenhorn

  • Fixed stranger target names.

The Underworks

  • Relocated clay pot respawners to prevent players from getting stuck behind the one way force fields.

10-1 Crimson Chaos:

Complex 357

  • Yellow gunblocks will no longer trigger cooldown from player damage.
  • Tweaked East room to prevent retrode from blocking crystal block.


From the Release Notes:

Today's patch features the release of new Rank Missions! This patch includes three new Rank 10-1 missions that pave the way for even more new Vanguard missions.

Rank 10-1

Breaking in the Recruits

What's a knight to do after slaying the mighty Lord Vanaduke? Train some starry-eyed recruits of course! Pass on what you've learned as you lead a group of knights on a routine training exercise.

Crimson Chaos

Spiral HQ has been monitoring several known Crimson Order bases in hopes of intercepting one of their elusive high-ranking members. One of those bases has suddenly gone silent. Head down and investigate.

It Came From Below

A squad of Desna's Recon Rangers is trapped somewhere in deep in the Clockworks. Rescue them and find out what went wrong.

Bug Fixes
  • Point blank shots from the Overcharged Mixmaster should now work properly.
  • Charged and normal Mixmaster shots no longer shoot through walls or energy gates.
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