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This page contains the five latest sets of release notes. All release notes are available on a single page at release/all (warning, the page is long). You can also view the release notes in calendar format.



From the Release Notes:

Bug Fixes:

  • Dazed Glasses, Dazed Seeing Stars Halo, and Dazed Stagger Star accessories now display the correct color.


From the Release Notes:
Bug Fixes

10-1 Breaking in the Recruits:

Operation Greenhorn

  • Fixed stranger target names.

The Underworks

  • Relocated clay pot respawners to prevent players from getting stuck behind the one way force fields.

10-1 Crimson Chaos:

Complex 357

  • Yellow gunblocks will no longer trigger cooldown from player damage.
  • Tweaked East room to prevent retrode from blocking crystal block.


From the Release Notes:

Today's patch features the release of new Rank Missions! This patch includes three new Rank 10-1 missions that pave the way for even more new Vanguard missions.

Rank 10-1

Breaking in the Recruits

What's a knight to do after slaying the mighty Lord Vanaduke? Train some starry-eyed recruits of course! Pass on what you've learned as you lead a group of knights on a routine training exercise.

Crimson Chaos

Spiral HQ has been monitoring several known Crimson Order bases in hopes of intercepting one of their elusive high-ranking members. One of those bases has suddenly gone silent. Head down and investigate.

It Came From Below

A squad of Desna's Recon Rangers is trapped somewhere in deep in the Clockworks. Rescue them and find out what went wrong.

Bug Fixes
  • Point blank shots from the Overcharged Mixmaster should now work properly.
  • Charged and normal Mixmaster shots no longer shoot through walls or energy gates.


From the Release Notes:
Bug Fixes
  • Ultra Poison Barriers and Auto Turret Kits should now drop.
  • The Overcharged Mixmaster regular shot should no longer shoot through walls.
  • The Spiral Soaker now has the correct effects.


From the Release Notes:
New Handguns have been added to several Handgun lines.

These include:

Shadow Autoguns (3-5 Star)

  • Dark Chaingun
  • Black Chaingun
  • Grim Repeater

Shadow Blasters (3-5 Star)

  • Shadow Blaster
  • Umbral Blaster
  • Phantamos

Elemental Blasters (3-5 Star)

  • Elemental Blaster
  • Fusion Blaster
  • Arcana

Piercing Blasters (3-5 Star)

  • Pierce Blaster
  • Breach Blaster
  • Riftlocker

Fiery/Elemental Pulsars (3-5 Star)

  • Flaming Pulsar
  • Blazing Pulsar
  • Wildfire

Freeze/Shadow Pulsars (3-5 Star)

  • Freezing Pulsar
  • Frozen Pulsar
  • Permafroster

Freeze/Shadow Magnus (3-5 Star)

  • Tundrus
  • Mega Tundrus
  • Winter Grave

Piercing Antigua (4-5 Star)

  • Raptor
  • Gilded Griffin

New gunner oriented Armors & Helms have been added.

These include:

Padded Armor & Cap (1 Star) - normal

Pathfinder Armor & Helm (2-5 Star) - normal/piercing

  • Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Woven Falcon Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Woven Firefly Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Woven Grizzly Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Woven Snakebite Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Plated Falcon Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Plated Firefly Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Plated Grizzly Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Plated Snakebite Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Falcon Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Grizzly Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Snakebite Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Firefly Pathfinder Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Falcon Guerrilla Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Firefly Guerrilla Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Grizzly Guerrilla Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Snakebite Guerrilla Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Falcon Hazard Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Firefly Hazard Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Grizzly Hazard Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Snakebite Hazard Armor & Helm

Sentinel Armor & Helm (2-5 Star) - normal/elemental

  • Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Woven Falcon Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Woven Firefly Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Woven Grizzly Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Woven Snakebite Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Plated Falcon Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Plated Firefly Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Plated Grizzly Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Plated Snakebite Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Falcon Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Firefly Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Grizzly Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Snakebite Sentinel Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Falcon Keeper Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Firefly Keeper Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Grizzly Keeper Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Snakebite Keeper Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Falcon Wraith Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Firefly Wraith Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Grizzly Wraith Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Snakebite Wraith Armor & Helm

Shade Armor & Helm (2-5 Star) - normal/shadow

  • Shade Armor & Helm
  • Woven Falcon Shade Armor & Helm
  • Woven Firefly Shade Armor & Helm
  • Woven Grizzly Shade Armor & Helm
  • Woven Snakebite Shade Armor & Helm
  • Plated Falcon Shade Armor & Helm
  • Plated Firefly Shade Armor & Helm
  • Plated Grizzly Shade Armor & Helm
  • Plated Snakebite Shade Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Falcon Shade Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Firefly Shade Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Grizzly Shade Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Snakebite Shade Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Falcon Ghost Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Firefly Ghost Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Grizzly Ghost Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Snakebite Ghost Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Falcon Hex Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Firefly Hex Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Grizzly Hex Armor & Helm
  • Sacred Snakebite Hex Armor & Helm

Handgun Mechanic and Balance Changes: A number of Handguns have had their mechanics changed in order to better balance all the gun lines.

All Handguns

  • Increased movement speed while firing and charging
  • Increased reloading movement speed
  • Reduced cooldown animations for all guns that stop movement

Magnus Line

  • Charge attack now pierces through monsters
  • Charge attack bullet speed slightly decreased
  • Charge attack no longer prones the wielder

Autogun Line

  • Decreased windup time for attack
  • Increased range and bullet speed

Antigua Line

  • Changed all family damage bonuses to ‘High’
  • Increased polygon count for all models

Polaris Line

  • Increased bullet speed
  • Reduced the damage for all versions

Catalyzer Line

  • Normal attacks now cling to mobs and charge shots detonate them
  • Charge shot has an aura around it that activates any catalyzer orbitals within it

Misc Changes

  • Stun Gun - Increased stun chance slightly
  • Super Stun Gun - Added stun chance to regular attacks
  • Frost Gun - Increased freeze chance
  • Zapper - Added shock chance to regular attacks
  • Pepperbox - Increased damage slightly
  • Fiery Pepperbox - Increased damage slightly and added fire chance to regular attacks
  • Volcanic Pepperbox - Increased damage slightly and added fire chance to regular attacks
  • Plague Needle - Increased damage slightly and increased poison chance on charge attack

Bug Fixes
  • Kilowatt Pulsar, Radiant Pulsar, Polaris - Tooltip display corrected to show proper damage
  • Firotech Alchemer MKII - Tooltip display corrected to show status effect
  • Shadow Driver - Tooltip display corrected to show proper damage
  • Needle Shot - Model now displays correct texture
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