Scalding Hot Cocoa

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Equipment-Scissor Blades icon.png This item is a Reskin of another item.
See the Notes section on this page for details.
Scalding Hot Cocoa
Scalding Hot Cocoa-Equipped.png
Damage type(s) and Attack Speed influence combat. The attack style of the weapon in relation to the combat environment is also important. Consider both when choosing weapons to wield.


Boosts and Penalties are both considered "abilities" in general. Many items don't have any special abilities. See the Abilities page for details. Some enemies are immune to certain status conditions - see individual status pages for details.

Equipment-Scalding Hot Cocoa Abilities.png

All weapons gain these CTR bonuses as they level.
  • Level 5+: CTR: Low
  • Level 10: CTR: Medium

The Scalding Hot Cocoa is a 5-star bomb.


A singeing splash of sweet destruction awaits any foe that goes for this mug before it's had a chance to cool.


This item can be crafted at the Mysterious Alchemy Machine. The player does not need to obtain and learn a recipe for this item.


The alchemy cost for this 5-star item is 25,000 crowns. Below are the materials needed to make the Scalding Hot Cocoa.

Name Amount
Crafting-Lump of Coal.png Lump of Coal 200
Crafting-Bottomless Stocking.png Bottomless Stocking 75
Crafting-Razor Ribbon.png Razor Ribbon 75
Crafting-Red Shard.png Red Shard 20
Crafting-Indestructible Giftwrap.png Indestructible Giftwrap 12
Crafting-Spark Plug.png Spark Plug 5
Crafting-Sinful Brew.png Sinful Brew 4
Rarity-Eternal Orb of Alchemy icon.png Eternal Orb of Alchemy 3
Equipment-Fiery Atomizer icon.png Fiery Atomizer (Heat Level 10)

Note: When crafting using bound equipment as a precursor, the upgraded item will also be bound.

Alchemy Path

Scalding Hot Cocoa's alchemy path
☆☆☆☆☆ ★☆☆☆☆ ★★☆☆☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★★★
Fiery Vaporizer
Fiery Vaporizer
Fiery Vaporizer Mk II
Fiery Vaporizer Mk II
Fiery Atomizer
Fiery Atomizer
Ash of Agni
Ash of Agni
Scalding Hot Cocoa
Scalding Hot Cocoa


The following damage values represent the weapon at its completed level, without any UV or bonus from other equipment, and listed as a range found from the first to last floor of each stratum. The charge attack deals a small blast of Elemental damage upon detonation, then leaves an area of haze that causes Fire. The initial blast radius is considerably smaller than the haze's radius. Enemies that enter the haze are ignited and receive fire damage which is applied several times before the status wears off.


This item is a reskin of the Ash of Agni, and has a similar appearance to the Punkin Cinnamug, another reskin of the Ash of Agni.

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