Tabard of the Violet Rose

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Tabard of the Violet Rose

Costume Only

  • Appears in "Costume" section of the arsenal
Accessory Positions
  • Helmet Side
  • Helmet Front
  • Armor Rear



An aged, feathered tabard that once belonged to a Knight of the Rose, a sacred order of brave and especially dashing heroes whose numerous adventures are the subject of many folk tales. The Knights of the Rose were said to be peerless fencers, believing that their blades were like the flowers of their name: a delicate thing of beauty that hides a vicious sting.


  • The Tabard of the Violet Rose unlike its brethren may only be purchased from the Featured Auction during specific time-periods.

Armor Set

The Tabard of the Violet Rose is part of the Violet Rose set.

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