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Arsenal icon for accessories.

An Accessory is an aesthetic item that can be attached by Bechamel to a helmet or armor to modify the player's appearance. Accessories have no effect on combat or gameplay, other than possibly making knights more or less visible to each other. Most accessories come in a large selection of colors, with several having a variety of slightly different forms.



Individual accessory pages will have more specific acquisition information. There are many minor acquisition anomalies. In general, accessories can be obtained via:

  • Lockbox: Many accessories can be obtained from lockboxes. A lockbox requires a Silver Key to be opened.
  • Prize Box: This type of box is available during events or promotions. They tend to gift various accessories that pertain to that promotion. These boxes don't need keys to be opened.
  • Rank Mission reward: A selection of Crests can be obtained once per knight as mission awards. These are bound.
  • Auction House: Accessories may appear in the in the Auction House as a Featured Auction. Players may sell accessories in the Auction House as well.
  • Knight Creation: These helmet accessories in standard color patterns are available to players when creating a new Knight. Of these accessories, what the player chooses becomes attached to the chosen spiral helmet.

Unattached accessories are typically unbound and can be purchased from other players via trade or the Auction House. A few bound anomalies have occurred in the past - the Pumpkin Bomb Bandolier is an example of such an anomaly. The bound condition of accessories rewarded from missions is not considered unusual, as mission rewards are bound.


A tool-tip showing what kind of accessories may be attached.

Once the player has an accessory, they can visit Bechamel the Accessorizor on the far western side of the Haven Bazaar to preview and/or attach the accessory to an item if desired. It would be prudent to preview accessories before attaching them.

Bechamel will attach accessories for free. Once an accessory is attached to an item (helmet, armor, or costume), it is permanently attached unless removed by Bechamel. There are two removal options: "removal" is free, recovery has a price in Energy.

Removing an accessory from gear will completely destroy the accessory in the process.
Recovering an accessory preserves the accessory instead of destroying it, returning it (as a ticket) unbound into the player's arsenal.

Attaching an accessory has no effect on the bound or unbound condition of the item it gets attached to.


Accessories are organized by attachment location and can only be attached to gear that supports, or has slots for, that attachment location. Only one accessory may be attached per slot on a piece of equipment.

Not all gear can use all accessories. Consult the tool-tips to determine which accessories can fit your gear. Locations include:

Upgrading Gear

Upgrading helmets or armor with an accessory attached does not destroy the attached accessory, unless the attached accessory's slot is not available on the to-be-crafted item. This the case while crafting an Ash Tail Coat with an Aura to a Skolver Coat - in this case, the aura disappears! Plan ahead and pay special attention so you don't accidentally destroy your accessories.


For a long time, accessories could only be removed via destruction of the accessory by using a Removal ticket on the slot at Bechamel's. This can be done at no cost, and the purpose of this is to free up the accessory slot for a different accessory.

During the Anniversary Celebration of 2014, Accessory Recovery Tickets were introduced. "Recovery" removes an accessory from an item, giving the player a ticket for the removed accessory in their arsenal. The item is otherwise preserved, with UVs, heat, and other accessories unchanged. The accessory that was recovered is unbound, ready to be attached or sold.

All removal tickets are free from Bechamel. All recovery tickets are in the Supply Depot. You will get a notification about the recovery tickets when removing an accessory at Bechamel.

A REMOVAL ticket will have a reddish pink icon, and the interface button will say "Remove" - this destroys the accessory.
A RECOVERY ticket will have a blue/prismatic look to it, and the interface button will say "Recover" - this puts the accessory ticket into the player's arsenal

Recovery Ticket Prices:

Name Price (Energy)
Recover Helm Top Accessory 5,000
Recover Helm Front Accessory 3,500
Recover Helm Back Accessory 3,500
Recover Helm Side Accessory 3,500
Recover Armor Front Accessory 5,000
Recover Armor Back Accessory 8,000
Recover Armor Rear Accessory 8,000
Recover Armor Aura Accessory 10,000


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Supply Depot Sales typically feature accessories as well as other items.

Being frugal in general: the game usually introduces new aesthetics on a regular basis. Players might want to design new outfits or change old ones depending on what's available. Accessories may not be worth the recovery cost if freeing up a slot is desired. For example, destroying a cool vitakit for wings would probably be preferable to recovering the vitakit, as several vitakits could likely be obtained for less cost than a single recovery ticket. The choice is up to you. Bear in mind, accessories are probably desired by other players, especially rare ones, so consider selling accessories instead of destroying them. Check /2 (trade chat) or the Bazaar subforum frequently to see who might be buying/selling items, and for how much.

Bear in mind, just because an item is expensive in the depot (or considered to be expensive by the community) doesn't mean that it is popular enough to resell easily - in short, a buyer might find an expensive depot item for "cheap" from a seller attempting to "cut their losses" while other sellers insist on achieving net gain. The Auction House is often a good price checking source, though outliers frequently occur due to players posting things at "ridiculous" prices "just to see if someone buys it."

Ideal price checking sources are those that draw from lots of data over long periods of time as well as those that have a "baseline in-game price", so patterns of "popularity" or whether or not an item is steady in value can be ascertained:

  • Occasionally accessories will show up in the Supply Depot for short periods of time. Prices for certain items can be somewhat variable between sales.
Supply Depot Sales
  • The Steam Market has several items for Spiral Knights. Not all Spiral Knights items are available on the standard Steam market. Individual pages of available Steam items have graphs of sale prices over time. Read more about Steam in relation to Spiral Knights here.
Steam Market: Spiral Knights
  • General economic records are created and maintained by players to aid each other in having a statistical valuation of items. These logs can serve as a relative guide for both sellers and buyers. Data can become inaccurate over time, because these threads are naturally transient, as is their subject matter - it would be prudent to politely cross-check thread data by asking /2 (trade chat) in-game for a "price check." The following threads may be inactive or active depending on user dedication and time, but they do contain useful data for historical note:
Price Checking Thread - list format
Price Checking Thread - comment-by-comment reviews by request.
List of Merchants - list of active "merchant" players. Their services are summarized by the community here.


Click the "preview" button at Bechamel and combine things from your arsenal to see how accessories look on your items.

When in Haven, pressing (F5) is a shortcut to the same option in the Recipes menu.

Players can preview accessories at Bechamel before deciding whether or not to attach an accessory. Previewing can also be accomplished in Haven by viewing the Recipe menu (default F5), or most other interactive menus (like alchemy machines, vendor lists, and so on) if visiting Bechamel is not convenient. The preview button, should it be available in an interface, will be on the bottom of the left-hand list.

Previewing is currently limited to the inspect window. This window is somewhat limited considering the full effects added my several accessories, as it does not show trailing effects and a few other things. This wiki contains many "overworld" visuals on individual accessory pages to aid players in understanding how their accessories might look during gameplay.


See the "Gallery" section on individual accessory pages of these items for visual examples. Certain pages will have a column for "overworld" visuals, especially pages for unique accessories.

Some accessories with "glowing" special effects can be seen through certain solid objects (like the wall hiding the hidden path in D27 of Firestorm Citadel).


Accessories use the primary, secondary, or tertiary colors fairly consistently. For example, the Helm Guards and Mecha Wings use the primary color for the bulk of the item and the secondary color for the accents. Items like the Flower, Long Feather, Game Face, and Maedate use the secondary color for a majority of their coloring. The tertiary color is used for some accessories like the Headband and as a primary color for some costumes such as the Cloak and Flak Jacket. Accessories can also come in unique styles and forms.

Recolored Accessories

Certain types of accessories and costumes are commonly "recolored" for certain promotions. These promotions are usually named after a "new" color scheme.


When the player has an accessory in the Arsenal accessory section, this is a ticket for that accessory, not the accessory itself. Bechamel has the physical accessories at his accessory station. The ticket in the player's arsenal simply indicates that the player has permission to request that Bechamel attach that specific accessory to an appropriate slot on a qualified item. Players can see what an accessory looks like by itself with just a ticket, but cannot attach anything by themselves. The NPC Tylen also emphasizes that accessories are "tickets" when they are unattached in the player's arsenal.

Accessories do not have official individualized tool-tip descriptions like most other items. Accessory descriptions simply describe where and how the accessory can be attached.

Many NPCs wear accessories too. Some only accessorize depending on the season, like with scarves during Winterfest.


Accessories were introduced on the 4th of October in 2011. [1]

In some cases, a mistakenly bound accessory can be removed if a support ticket is filed immediately. This was not the case in the past, but was changed due to improved logging at an unspecified date:

"In the past it was our policy not to remove accessories at all. There were one or two special, good faith cases where an exception was made. We recently changed our policy because our logs are now more specific; the GMs are now able to help someone if they accidentally attach something provided they contact us right away, the request is reasonable, and they've not had such an exception in the past." - Eurydice, July 16, 2012 Admin Post

As of the Anniversary Celebration in April 2014, players can now recover their accessories with recovery tickets bought with Energy in the Supply Depot.


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