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An Accessory is an aesthetic item that can be attached by Bechamel to a helmet or armor to modify the player's appearance. Accessories have no effect on combat or gameplay, other than possibly making knights more or less visible to each other. Most accessories come in a large selection of colors, with several having a variety of slightly different forms. Most are randomly obtained from Lockboxes or Prize Boxes during events or promotions.


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For convenience, this page is organized in a "list" format with a list of known accessories at the top.
See the notes section on this page for more information about accessories, or simply collapse the entire list.


Arsenal icon for accessories.

When the player has an accessory in the Arsenal accessory section, this is a ticket for that accessory, not the accessory itself. Bechamel has the physical accessories at his accessory station. The ticket in the arsenal shows that the player has permission to request that Bechamel attach that specific accessory to an appropriate slot. Players can see what an accessory looks like by itself with just a ticket, but cannot attach anything by themselves.

Interestingly, accessories do not have official individualized tooltip descriptions like most other items.

Some accessories with glowing effects can be seen through certain solid objects (like wall hiding the hidden path in D27 of Firestorm Citadel).

Many NPCs wear accessories too. Some only accessorize depending on the season, like with scarves during Winterfest.

Acquisition and Use


  • Many accessories can be obtained from Lockboxes. A Lockbox requires a Silver Key to be opened.
  • Prize Boxes from events or promotions tend to gift various accessories that pertain to that promotion. These don't need keys to be opened.
  • A selection of Crests can be obtained as Mission awards.
  • Certain accessories in standard color themes are available to players when creating a new Knight.
This collection includes Bolted Vees, Headbands, Maid Headbands, Helm-Mounted Displays, Com Units, Mecha Wings, and Ribbons.
Of these accessories, what is picked becomes attached to the chosen helmet (vs. unattached in inventory).
  • Accessories may appear in the in the Auction House as a Featured Auction, or less frequently in a Supply Depot Sale.
  • Unattached accessories are typically unbound and can be purchased from other players via trade or the Auction House.

Individual accessory pages will have more specific acquisition information.

Using Accessories

Once you have an accessory, visit Bechamel, the Accessorizor on the far western side of the Haven Bazaar. Once an accessory is attached to gear, it is permanently attached unless removed by Bechamel. However, removing an accessory from gear will destroy the accessory in the process. A Recovery option is available, preserving the accessory instead of destroying it. Destruction is free, recovery has a price in Energy. Bechamel also allows players to preview accessories, though this is currently limited to the Inspect Window.


A tooltip showing what kind of accessories may be attached.

Accessories are divided by attachment location and can only be attached to gear that supports the attachment location. Only one accessory may be attached per location on a piece of equipment.

Not all gear can use all accessories. Consult the tooltips to determine which accessories can fit your gear. Locations include:

Accessories and Upgrading gear:

Upgrading helmets or armor with an accessory attached does not destroy the attached accessory, unless the attached accessory's position is not available on the to-be-crafted item.

This, for example, is the case while crafting an Ash Tail Coat with an Aura to a Skolver Coat.

Pay special attention to this so you don't accidentally destroy your accessories.


  • For a long time, accessories could only be removed (by players) via destruction. The purpose of removal was to free up the accessory slot for a different accessory. This can still be done, for free. Again, this completely destroys the accessory, and you do not get a ticket back for that accessory.
  • During the Anniversary Celebration of 2014, Accessory Recovery Tickets were introduced. This removes an accessory from an item, giving the player a ticket for the removed accessory in their arsenal. The item is otherwise preserved, with UVs, heat, and other accessories unchanged. The accessory that was RECOVERED is unbound, ready to be attached to another item at Bechamel. Or the same one, whatever floats your boat. These tickets are obtained in the Supply Depot for various prices of energy.
  • Being Frugal: certain accessories may not be "worth" recovering, if all you want is to free up a slot...say, take a cool vitakit off for wings. The choice is up to you. Certainly, the more rare accessories are probably desired by other players, so consider selling instead of destroying, depending on the accessory.
  • All removal tickets are free from Bechamel. All recovery tickets are in the Supply Depot. You will get a notification about the recovery tickets when removing an accessory at Bechamel.
  • Paying Attention: to avoid heartbreak: a REMOVAL ticket will have a reddish pink icon, a RECOVERY ticket will have a blue/prismatic look to it. A REMOVAL button will say "Remove," a RECOVERY button will say "Recover." Select one from Bechamel (removal) or from your arsenal (recovery), at Bechamel.

Recovery Ticket Prices:

  • Recover Helmet Top:------5000 Energy
  • Recover Helmet Front:----3500 Energy
  • Recover Helmet Back:----3500 Energy
  • Recover Helmet Side:-----3500 Energy

  • Recover Armor Front:-----5000 Energy
  • Recover Armor Back:------8000 Energy
  • Recover Armor Rear:------8000 Energy
  • Recover Armor Aura:------10000 Energy


Supply Depot Sales typically feature accessories as well as other items.

This list is being continuously updated and is potentially never ending. It was created by players for the purpose to aid traders in having a solid valuation of their rare accessories. Whether it is to serve as a guide to sellers or an indication for interested buyers, this list could remain a fundamental tool to use by everyone current and in the future. Please click the link below and view the top two posts on the first page, for price references.

The BAZAAR Price Checking Thread

Accessories in Supply Depot Sales:

Occasionally accessories will show up in the Supply Depot for short periods of time. The Supply Depot Sale page contains a list of user-generated logs on the forums. Check these logs to get an idea of what kinds of accessories (and other items) tend to show up in sales.

Aesthetic Behavior


Some accessories look very different in the Overworld, compared to the preview window or unattached view. See the "Gallery" section on individual accessory pages of these items for visual examples.
Certain pages will have a column for overworld visuals, especially pages for "unique" accessories.


Accessories use the primary, secondary, or tertiary colors fairly consistently. For example, the Helm Guards and Mecha Wings use the primary color for the bulk of the item and the secondary color for the accents. Items like the Flower, Long Feather, Game Face, and Maedate use the secondary color for a majority of their coloring. The tertiary color is used for some accessories like the Headband and as a primary color for some costumes such as the Cloak and Flak Jacket. Accessories can also come in unique styles and forms.

Recolored Accessories

Certain types of accessories are commonly "recolored" for certain promotions, along with these costumes. These promotions are usually named after a "new" color scheme.


Accessories were introduced on the 4th of October in 2011. [1]

In some cases, a mistakenly bound accessory can be removed if a support ticket is filed immediately. This was not the case in the past, but was changed due to improved logging at an unspecified date. Community Manager Eurydice explained this policy on July 16, 2012:

"In the past it was our policy not to remove accessories at all. There were one or two special, good faith cases where an exception was made. We recently changed our policy because our logs are now more specific; the GMs are now able to help someone if they accidentally attach something provided they contact us right away, the request is reasonable, and they've not had such an exception in the past... accessories are not unbindable on a whim."

As of the Anniversary Celebration in April 2014, players can now recover their accessories with recovery tickets bought with Energy in the Supply Depot.

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