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The Terminators
File:GuildLogo-The Terminators.png

Come with us if you want to live.

Guild Founder: Skycapp
Approx. Population: 140-160
Guild Master(s):
  • Gimpyo
  • Isaak-Paul
  • Leekcoco
  • Ra-Ghoratreii
  • Skycapp
Guild Officer(s):
  • Nebrium
  • Orion-Omega
  • Sirstorm
  • Trolnado
  • Uberer
Website: [Official Site]


About us

The Terminators was founded by Skycapp in November 2012. Over time, we've grown, evolved, and refined ourselves into a tightknit community of fun and relaxed friends.

Our guild is nothing fancy. We are laid back, stable, finicially sound, active, and we house a humble community of players who are friendly, both skilled and new, and have fun together in game. Our members do a bit of everything. As a guild we also participate in Guild Lockdown, and hold runs and giveaways for the members. We spend our spare time poking our Mewkat, Mayo, and starting T1 Lockdown games out of boredom.

Want to join?

We've always been low-key with recruiting. We manage interest on a personal level, and you will only be accepted if we see you fit to join our existing group. Your skill in PvE or PvP has no importance over your character, and the most important trait you need is to be someone who can fit in. Other traits we like in potential recruits are friendliness, activity, interest in the guild itself, and maturity.

To join, contact an active Guild Master or Officer. A few questions will usually be asked to get to know the person better. On the off occasion, we might extend an invitation to players we take a liking to.


The Guild Masters will make removals if:

  • You have been offline for three months or over
  • Your behaviour has been inappropriate
  • You have been extremely disrespectful in PvP

Those removed for inactivity are welcome to return if they get in contact with a Guild Master or Officer, and explain that they will be active once again. Some mercy will be given to members who are of Veteran rank and above, on a case-by-case basis.

House rules

  • No alts in the guild. One character per human.
  • No begging.
  • Do NOT ask for a promotion.
  • Inform one of the Officers/GMs if you have a problem with another member.
  • Be respectful in GvG and Lockdown in general. Your behaviour towards other players reflects upon the rest of us.

Party etiquette & guidelines

  • Ask before joining a guildmate's open party. Some people get screen freezes when joined by a new party member, or just find it rude in general when someone makes a sudden appearance. Take care to respect that.
  • Your guildmates are not obliged to invite you to their party. Sometimes people like to be alone, or just play with friends outside of the guild. If for whatever reason you ask and do not get invited in response, don't be a bad sport about it.
  • If you do not want to invite a fellow guildmate, simply explain that politely, but don't be rude about it.
  • Do not mass-invite the whole guild or whine about getting help for your runs. If people want to help they will let you know if you simply ask in guild chat. Other members won't always be available, or willing, and you will need to be able to accept that.
  • Do mind how you behave in parties. If you're helpful, or at least not a common burden to parties, people will be more willing to run with you. If you're unhelpful and cause trouble on runs, then don't be surprised if people are reluctant to run with you. It's your responsibility to manage how you represent yourself.

We take awesome photos.


Promotion in the guild is few and far between, as there is usually very little reason someone needs to be ranked up. All promotions are personally handled by the Guild Masters, no exceptions.


  • Are newly admitted members on a trial period. For one week, how well they mesh with the rest of the guild will influence whether they are kept in the guild or asked to leave/removed.


  • Make up the bulk of our membership.


  • Are long-time members of the guild, and long-time contributors. To be promoted to Veteran you must have been in the guild for an extended amount of time, active, be a consistent contributor (not necessarily with money) and have a suitable level of maturity. Veterans pay a weekly fee of 1,500 crowns to the treasury.


  • Are assistants to the Guild Masters, and we will require you to be moderating the guild for us when we cannot be online. To be promoted to Officer, you must have spent time as a Veteran and have the qualities we are looking for for the position. Officers pay a weekly fee of 3,000 crowns to the treasury.

Guild Masters

  • Are the leaders, and all members are required to respect their decisions. The guild masters oversee every aspect of the guild's well-being, and hold the most responsibility in maintaining our community. Promotion to Guild Master will most likely never happen, unless there are talented individuals we find value in having on our team. Guild Masters pay a weekly fee of 5,000 crowns to the treasury.

Extra Tidbits

Energy Well

  • The Energy Well is in the Veteran's Lounge, and is free for our Veterans and higher ranking members to use. For those who help out with upkeep on a weekly basis, we want to give you some benefit in return. Use with care, any abusive use will result in a warning or demotion. The supply will be maintained by the Guild Masters, let us know if it needs a refill.

Renting a room

  • There are free rooms in the guild hall for rent. Talk to Skycapp if interested.

Fabulous Unicorn Club



»~ (¯..).._.)


.....|.|_..| /'

List of pony people, because pretty 45k prestige badges are so cool.

  • Alegitbot
  • Amolzeus
  • Bleunovski
  • Blitzter
  • Chasern-Zy
  • Chrisdander-Twix
  • Cthulhu-Cat
  • Drakeson
  • El-Ninio
  • Ex-Ray
  • Freenight
  • Hellnite
  • Hexregonest
  • Hydrobomb
  • Icdml
  • Kirito-Yusuna
  • Leekcoco
  • Orion-Omega
  • Ra-Ghoratreii
  • Rtrenchman
  • Shogun-Iron-Shien
  • Sirstorm
  • Skycapp
  • Typhoid-Mary
  • Uberer
  • Zipb
  • Warmatrix

If you have over 45,000 prestige points, tell Leekcoco to be put on the list.

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