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A Patrón de Color is a set of three colors known as primary, secondary, and tertiary. This page is a list of patterns used in Spiral Knights to "style" or "theme" items and other entities.


The terms "color style," "color theme," and "color pattern," as well as many others can be confusing. To clarify:

  • "Style": Seen in the official tooltip description of various prize boxes in-game. It is a good term, but is difficult to use uniformly for all items that use a named coloration because items are often "styled" with a color pattern, but also use other color codes, so style gets mixed up with "theme" quite frequently.
  • "Theme": An item is themed with a color pattern if it uses one or more colors in a color pattern. It is possible for items to be themed with more than one color pattern.
  • "Pattern": a set of three color codes that are easily distinguished by the naming convention and/or behavior of several items.


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Nombre 🌈 Primario, Secundario, Terciario SFX Grupo DoR Notas

Default 03 Y c5922d 82822b 26365e Z standard 999 What most of the clockworks and the default Guild Hall look like.
Curse 01.5 P 332865 543f48 4d1d2f Shuddering Clockworks 999 Z
Fire 02 O  ???  ???  ??? Burning Clockworks 999 Z
Freeze 09 W 8fbbcc 366599 2e5166 Z Clockworks 999 Same as Frosty
Poison 04 G 2f2f91 499130 32233e Shedding Clockworks 999 Same as Vile
Shock 05 B  ???  ???  ??? Sparking Clockworks 999 Z
Sleep 05 B  ???  ???  ??? Z Clockworks 999 Z
Stun 03 Y  ???  ???  ??? Z Clockworks 999 Z
Brown 07 Br  ???  ???  ??? Z misc 999 (Colloquial) A general color group, not a true tricolor "pattern." Usually used to style generic fabric.
Grey 10 G  ???  ???  ??? Z misc 999 (Colloquial) A general color group, not a true tricolor "pattern."
Cobalt 10 G 9BADC5 979F9F 7A323C Z misc 999 Associated with an arrow pattern and the Spiral Order.
Proto 04 G  ???  ???  ??? Z misc 999 Used for starter weapons and certain shields. Associated with the Newsletter.
Rusty 07 Br  ???  ???  ??? Z misc 999 (Colloquial) Somewhat "heavy" somewhat "brown."
Cool 05 B 356ca9 6e7c96 374f58 Z standard 999 Z
Dusky 06 P 5f678f 416f78 2a286e Z standard 999 Z
Fancy 06 P 7969b7 434177 252b51 Z standard 999 Z
Heavy 07 Br 656694 7e1c15 563429 Z standard 999 Z
Military 04 G af7f6c 3e8476 1b3449 Z standard 999 Z
Regal 03 Y c5922d 82822b 1b3449 Z standard 999 Z
Toasty 01 R ab1726 8c573c 263e4f Z standard 999 Z
Divine 09 W c69476 a0a9c7 4d657b Shining special 999 Z
Prismatic 00 "All" Personal Color 8c8c8c 404040 Glowing special 999 Z
Shadow 08 Bl 4c324d 173b6f 12243c Shedding special 999 Often has a glowing orange associated with it.
Volcanic 01 R 6d192f b0212c 32233e Burning special 999 Z
Game Master 06 P 564487 2B2025 AAA4A6 Z misc 999 Only used by Three Rings staff.
Hunter 04 G 5f7413 aaaa00 1b3449 Z recolor -99909 Aug 2012 Z
Surge 01 R 6d192f 173b6f 252b51 Z recolor -99912 Sep 2012 Associated with status: Shock.
Hallow 02 O c75a00 990d00 403420 Z recolor -99917 Oct 2012 Z
Frosty 09 W 8fbbcc 366599 2e5166 Z recolor -99912 Dec 2012 Z
Storm 03 Y F7E38D BECDC9 333D44 Sheen special -99922 May 2013 Considered to be a "golden" look. Also associated with sparking SFX.
Dangerous 09 W CFCCC8 373031 FFCD9F Adamant special -99925 Sep 2013 Associated with NPCs: Recon Rangers.
Polar 09 W 1d3550 a2d0ee 2e5166 Z recolor -99911 Dec 2013 Very black/white "polar" colors with an associated teal blue.
Ancient 04 G 406067 438964 2c4262 Z recolor -99926 Feb 2014 Associated with March of the Tortodrones.
Celestial 05 B B9C8A9 5D6F6F  ??? Filmy special -99914 Mar 2014 Associated with the Equinox. The "body" of most celestial items is a special textured blue.
Lovely 01.5 P ed5877 9dc8c4 720606 Z recolor -99916 Apr 2014 Many Valentine's day items are similarly colored.
Rage 01 R E24B3B BECDC9 333D44 Sheen special -99904 Jun 2014 Also associated with sparking SFX.
Hazardous 01 R f00e2c 244d4c 32233e Adamant special -99929 Oct 2014 Associated with NPCs: Scarlet Scouts. Items also glow and shed a red mist.
Vile 06 P 2f2f91 499130 32233e Z recolor -99912 Nov 2014 Associated with status: Poison.
Glacial 02 O 73c0ff c66a2c 202c4d Z recolor -99907 Jan 2015 Associated with status: Freeze.
Electric 01.5 P a62161 3ba48b 1e315e Z recolor -99904 Feb 2015 Pinks and greens mixed together. Associated with status: Shock.
Verdant 04 G 54f27b ff80d6 556622 Z recolor -99904 Mar 2015 Neon pinks and greens mixed together.
Frenzy 08 Bl 2a375a 00446c 12243c Sheen special -99908 April 2015 A "shinier shadow" color pattern.
Dazed 03 Y f9cf64 b85e37 663129 Z recolor -99922 April 2015 Soft yellow and orange colors, related to stun.
Wicked 06 P 332865 543f48 4d1d2f Z recolor -9993 June 2015 Dark purple / brown theme, same as curse.
Ruby 01 R 800024 731745 4a2e13 Twinkling recolor -99908 July 2015 Shades of ruby reds reminiscent of the birth stone of July.
Blazing 02 O 804066 ff0f00 4e0000 Burning recolor -99922 July 2015 Neon orange and shades of red associated with fire.
Peridot 04 G 96d215 005912 73683f Z recolor -9995 Aug 2015 Shades of olive greens reminiscent of the birth stone of August.
Slumber 05 B 195ea6 21df9d 04284d Z recolor -99919 Aug 2015 Soft greens and blues associated with sleep.
Sapphire 05 B 3c8fc1 003e95 002a55 Twinkling recolor -99902 Sep 2015 Reminiscent of the birth stone of September.
Autumn 02 O cc8c52 930f29 0f4d46 Z recolor -99923 Sep 2015 Shades of brown and orange associated with the Fall season.
Opal 03 Y bcc777 9e3e5a 284d3c Twinkling recolor -99907 Oct 2015 Reminiscent of the birth stone of October.
Citrine 02 O ff9100 8c3400 462c12 Twinkling recolor -99904 Nov 2015 Reminiscent of the birth stone of November.
Turquoise 04 G 45b8a6 0f6a79 0c3153 Twinkling recolor -99902 Dec 2015 Reminiscent of the birth stone of December.

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