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To have some type of knowledge that is just one perception.

Guild Founder: Zemstvos
Approx. Population: 1
Guild Master(s):


Guild Officer(s):


About Us

Absolute is all about the mystery, the fun, and the excitement of taking part in the community and taking part in actual game play. We are self made players, but give more than we take. Absolute members will always be the most efficient users of Crowns and Crystal Energy.

Thinking about joining us? Check out our recruitment panel on the bottom!

Our 3rd party chatbox: www.xat.com/AbsoluteGuild

The Creation of Absolute

I, Zemstvos, was a very slow and disadvantaged player. I did not know much about Tier's or Depth's, I especially was not prepared for anything above Tier 3. I was roaming the Haven one day, stumbling upon an old friend, Madcodebreaker, from a different MMO. We caught up on a lot of things, and I joined his guild, Prime Champions (Guild). In that group, I was taught the principal of teamwork, and the ingenuity of friendship. I learned everything from them, and from that, it was the push I needed to start my own guild. I was capable of making 5 Star items underneath their wing, and now I am a self made player, and no need for anyone's help.


Our guild is based off of trust, and goals. Too meet these goals, we must trust one another.

1. Being rude or mean isn't tolerated.. we aren't children.

2. Put your guildies before anyone.

3. Help out your fellow guildies, be sure everyone has an equal chance of having just as much fun.

4. Scamming is not allowed, neither is hacking. (bleh...)

5. You must have fun.. or suffer the consequences. (or not.)

Absolute' Mandatory Procedures

All of these procedures will immediately apply to you, unless stated otherwise.

  • 1,000 Crowns will be granted weekly for your support to the group. (if there was)
  • Your materials become everyone's materials, you must openly share all of your goodies if a guildie needs them for alchemy.
  • You must actively play Spiral Knights. (If you leave without telling a Guildmaster of your absences you have a week before reporting back, or you will be removed.)
  • The rules must be looked at thoroughly and understood to it's fullest.


Recruitment status = Open

[Subject to change in the future]

[As of 7/4/12]

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